The Hot Rod Hill Climb

The Hot Rod Hill Climb

No sense in me creating content today fellas… From what I gather, the whole hot rod world is busy chattering away about how damned cool this past weekend’s event was. You know, the HOT ROD HILL CLIMB in Georgetown, Colorado. Nick puts it on. And Nick is pretty much the man of the hour.

The past three or four years, there seems to be a growing trend towards events that are more than just car shows. Events where the cars are used with purpose and the people aren’t stationary. First, there were a bunch of hoods on the beach in Jersey and then, sort of on the down and low, Nick started doing this hill climb thing in Colorado. I haven’t been yet, but from what I’ve heard it is right up my alley – laid back, friendly, and full of the kind of visuals that make your heart ache for more.

I love where this thing of ours is right now, don’t you? This is HOT RODDING.

If you get a chance, give Nick a pat on the back. He deserves it.

Check out all of the coverage of the Hillclimb on the HAMB here and here and…

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