Vintage Tether Cars

Vintage Tether Cars

There has been a lot of talk about tether cars on the H.A.M.B. as of late (cool, damn cool, really damn cool). As such, I thought I would add my two cents with a quick post. I know next to nothing about the little diminutive racers, but have always fantasized about their proportions, profiles, and “tactileness.” I can’t explain why, but I would really like to have a collection of them.

Of course, like anything cool, the prices have just gotten out of this world. It’s hard to justify spending $500 on an old toy when you still need to get that 2 5/8″ Stewart Warner gauge cleaned up – you know what I mean? Priorities…

That budget restriction doesn’t keep me from collecting though. In this case, I just collect pictures. Enjoy… and add your own in the comments!


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