The Silva Speed Special (Part 2)

The Silva Speed Special (Part 2)


About a year ago, Kevin Silva was busting ass in preparation for the Round Up. After a ton of long days and nights, he just missed the show with his very traditional sedan (covered earlier here and here). Since that time, Kevin has gotten his little sedan running and most of the bugs worked out. After a few Sunday drives, it only made sense to go ahead and blow the car apart again for paint. And now the race for the Round Up is back on yet again.

I went over to Kevin’s yesterday to help him get the body back on the chassis. The mating of the two was one of those moments when everything just makes sense. The ‘close to Washington blue’ paint contrasted perfectly against the shiny black and Kevin’s vision of tradition came together just as it should. This one is going to be neat fellas… Check it out:

012.jpg 021.jpg 031.jpg

041.jpg 052.jpg 063.jpg

071.jpg 081.jpg

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