Weesner’s Scene

Weesner’s Scene

Sometime around 1997, Keith Weesner sat down in his studio and decided to figure out just how many young fellas had traditional hot rods rolling around in the SoCal scene. And like most things Keith does, he did it with an artistic slant that his uniquely his and, well… just god damned beautiful.

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I’ve spent most of the morning just studying and giggling… Many of these cars that Keith quickly sketched are still around. Others are long gone or rebuilt into something else. Others still were shipped off to Japan – as marked. There is just something about seeing them all together again in this sort of vintage drawing that brings back so many great memories.

Keith was hanging out in my shop a few years ago and I can remember being incredibly embarrassed about all of his prints I had hanging on my walls. I must have looked like some kind of serial killer with newspaper clippings pinned up covering my latest obsession. The prints are now hanging safely in my new shop and I never did get around to that kid napping… so I guess Weez is safe. For now.

But to the point, there’s a reason I like Weesner’s art so much. In my mind, great art is emotional and while Keith might consider this old sketch to be just a casual and funny note from time, I see it as so much more than that. It’s just down right compelling. And fun. And interesting. And… It’s art.

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