In-Car Footage: Scarab

In-Car Footage: Scarab

In the 1950’s, Lance Reventlow used his family’s Woolworth fortune to go racing. Using many of the same players that went on to develop the Cobra, including Carol Shelby, Lance set out to build the ultimate American bread race car. That car was the Scarab. If you are interested in the nitty gritty of it all, take some time and read this story. It’s a pretty compelling look into what could actually make a pretty good Hollywood script… All of the ingredients are there.

Even so, I don’t know if Hollywood could improve on what I just found. It’s a 6-minute drive-along of a Scarab tearing up the Continental Divide Raceway sometime in the late 1950’s. It appears this clip was part of a larger production of some type, but I have no way to be sure or anyway even to know who is driving what car. All I can do is show you the clip and hope it tingles your spine as much as it did mine.

Put simply, this is glorious.

SCARAB RACE CAR, (IN CAR) at Contenental Divide Raceway, from Amelie on Vimeo.

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