“T” For Two

“T” For Two

The April, 1958 issue of Car Craft Magazine called it the “‘T’ For Two” because the rendition featured was actually the result of a second rebuild. A guy named Wally Olson out of Fresno originally hot rodded the little ’25, but when William Scott bought the car in ’57 he decided to completely redo it. It all makes wonder what the car looked like before and where it might be now… Hot Rods lead so many different lives, don’t they?

In any case, I’ve always liked this roadster. The super low stance combined with the with the race car influences found throughout give the car a sort of “Kurtis” feel that really works. In fact, I think my only complaints would be the headlight altitude and the fenders. Take care of both and you’re cooking with grease.

Turtle decks aren’t so bad after all…



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