Roaring Roadsters By Popular Vote

Roaring Roadsters By Popular Vote

I received 67 emails or private messages about this video yesterday. As such, I figured I had better post it to please the masses regardless of the fact that it’s already been posted on the H.A.M.B. And really, this video is worth a feature simply because it’s best footage I’ve ever seen of the early roadster racing era.

In an effort to improve your viewing experience, I have recompiled the video in HD. However, in doing so, I inadvertently included a sound track that was left on the plate from a prior video project I was working on. It’s surprisingly well timed, but entirely inappropriate for the video footage. Rather than spend another two hours compiling and uploading, I left it as is…

To view this video as it was meant to be viewed, hit your “mute” button.


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