The Little Deuce Coupe

The Little Deuce Coupe

I’m pretty darn sure that this video has been posted on the HAMB before, but how great is it to see the Clarence ‘Chili’ Catallo 3 window Deuce coupe being talked about by his son Curt? Catallo bought the ’32 in 1956 for a mere 75 bucks when he was 15 years old. He replaced the original Ford V8  (unlike the Beach Boys song lyrics, which say “a Flathead mill”) with a blown OHV Oldsmobile Rocket V-8, and slammed the coupe down by a whopping six inches. Much of the original customizing and radical body work, including the stacked quad headlights, wild aluminum side trim, and molded front grille was done by the Alexander Brothers of Detroit.

After Chili moved to LA in 1960, he had the the top chopped by George Barris at ‘Kustom City’, which lead to the July 1961 Hot Rod magazine cover, which then opened up to the iconic cover for The Beach Boys’ album two years later…

How many great pop songs about hot rods do you hear these days?


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