Cars Of The Future

Cars Of The Future

I can remember being around 10 years old and having sleep overs with my buddies. We’d stay up late and talk about things that little boys talk about. We weren’t old enough to rap about leggy chicks yet, so we mostly discussed super heroes, guns, ninjas, and things like that. One really hot topic was “The Future.” I can distinctly remember all of us agreeing that personal jet packs were the wave of “The Future.” Cars would be useless by the year 2000… We’d all enjoy the freedom that comes with jet propulsion strapped to our backs. It was a certainty.

And that’s the thing about childhood – kids have such an unbridled sense of optimism that is somehow lost in adulthood. I guess it’s naivety.

I’ve often gotten the feeling that this naivety is lost earlier and earlier in life as the world becomes more and more modern. But then again, maybe it’s just perspective. As I sit here, funny enough, I’m literally racing with excitement as I count down the minutes until my new iPhone 4s arrives later today. I’ll bet my entire life changes once I get my hands on that jewel of technology. Never again will my underwear be dirty, my brain be bored, or my emails unanswered. Imagine the possibilities!

What the fuck does “S” stand for anyway? I bet it stands for “SUPER.”

But anyway… It seems like even adults were naive to the world in the late 1940’s and 50’s. Folks would come up with the craziest contraptions, call them ground braking, promise a revolution, and then walk away; never to be heard from again. And even with that flightiness, people weren’t resentful. They just moved on to the next contraption that was full of hope for “The Future.” It must have been awesome.

And while we are at it, how about a bonus track?

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