The Maui Phaeton- 2 years later!

The Maui Phaeton- 2 years later!

Aloha, HAMB! Some of you may remember my post on Hawaii Hot Rods almost exactly 2 years ago. In the post replies, I mentioned seeing the 28 Model A Phaeton sitting in a Ka’anapali Maui side yard, slowly returning to the earth. Well, the Mrs. and I are back in Maui (celebrating 10 years of happy marriage), and guess what is still sitting there? Yup- Same little bucket. Luckily, someone was sitting on the porch watching TV this time, so I had to ask what the story was. The guy says he’s just storing it for a friend who is supposed to get it going someday. He was kind enough to let me come in the yard and photograph the car a little closer. It does need some serious love- This poor thing is now missing the rare 1928 Pheaton rear doors, and doesn’t look like it’s had much attention since my last visit.

Walking around the back of the old ‘A’ for the first time ever, I noticed a large sign attached to the folding luggage rack asking for support for Hawaii kids. “Its not how much $ you make – It’s what you do with the money.” Very poignant, true words indeed, and I wondered: If this owner could spend a little money and get the Phaeton on the road again, he’d raise a lot more money for the orphanage, than with the sign out of site. Not to mention these kids would have an awesome ride around Maui!

Check out the tow hitch and back up light!

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