Vintage Road Race Programs

Vintage Road Race Programs

Alright, maybe I’m getting kinda obscure here, but I really dig any vintage automotive racing illustration *if it’s done well*. Most of you are familiar with the classic Monaco GP posters of the 1930s, and just after the war, sports car racing began to really grow in popularity here in the States. (This was mainly due to the American occupation soldiers and sailors who saw little Porsches, Alfas and Jaguars running around the streets of Europe and got inspired to “import” one home. Keep in mind that Ak Miller’s El Caballo, Briggs Cunningham’s “C” cars, Corvettes and T Birds all grew out of the sports car trend impacting the US).

The American sports car clubs were trying to add an International flavor to their posters and programs to convey excitement and panache beyond the home-grown dirt track midgets and stock car ovals. Many of these illustrated covers from the late 40s to late 50s echo back to the pre-photography days of maximum graphic impact and balanced design. They are all amazing.


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