The Reprinting of Felsen’s “Hot Rod”

The Reprinting of Felsen’s “Hot Rod”

About a year ago, a buddy of mine sent me all of the Henry Gregor Felsen books. They were old editions and had been flipped through countless times. As I read them, I fantasized about all of the kids that had flipped each page before me. Undoubtedly, these very books that I held in my hand had converted an innocent child (or two) into a sick and disturbed hot rodder just like myself. If you’ve read the series of books that Henry began publishing in the early 1950’s, you know the portrait he painted with words. If you have not, you really need to.

Thankfully, Henry’s daughter (a HAMBer) has recently been working her ass off to get “Hot Rod” back into print. “Hot Rod” was the first in the series and tells the story of Bud Crayne – a legendary hot rod prodigy that finds himself in deep shit at every corner, but has the skills and the gumption to weed his way out. It’s an easy read and the perfect starting off point for a young guy feeling his way through hot rodding. It’s our roots.

In any case, you can order a copy here. Hopefully, Holly Felsen will get enough of these sold to reprint other titles as well. Felsen’s work is that important.


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