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Y block trans options

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Shiftymutt, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. My buddy is building a 54 Ford hard top. he has a nice Y-block but no trans. He wants something solid and would like something for freeway/long trips. He doesn't want a manual so an automatic is what he his looking for...soemthign with an overdrive.

    Does anyone make an adapter for an AOD or something else to fit behind a Y-block?
  2. BigMikeC
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  3. jcruz
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    from Austin, Tx

  4. Ole don
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    Ole don

    There is a fellow who advertises in Y-Block Magazine who makes an adaptor to fit an AOD to a Y block. Anyone running a Y block should be getting that magazine. It is full of really neat information.

  5. dabirdguy
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    Got a link to them?
  6. Scotch
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  7. Thanks....I would like a link to that magazin as well
  8. very cool, a T-5 hooked up would be great!

    Lots of modifications though. :eek:
  9. Cshabang
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    Keith has a t5 behind his y block...
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    I'm working on my trans adapter page right now..
    Y-block to T-5 $225.00
    Y-block to Chevy automatic (turbo350,700R4 etc.) $495.00
  11. There are currently six options to fit an auto trans behind a Ford/Merc Y block.

    1) Use a Ford-O-Matic or Merc-O-Matic, as originally fitted. There are good & bad points to these; it's as close to a bolt-in as you will find; but the case is cast iron, so, heavy; lots of trans shops aren't familiar with the Ford-O anymore; not much in the way of performance parts, getting harder to find these setups. I don't know precisely what it would take to mount one in a '54. Also, '55-'56 transmissions are air-cooled, not the greatest. Ford-O-Matics are two speed (well, three, but you have to trick the trans into shifting that way...). No overdrive.

    2) Convert the Ford-O-Matic to a later FMX trans, Still cast iron case, but has a true three speed shifting pattern. There are two ways to convert it. There is a "shift kit" available for the FMX. No overdrive, again.

    3) Use the Flat-O-Matic C4 kit. It is a universal kit with two versions, car or truck, and there are lots of vehicles using them. Good quality, very nice owner in Gene Benson. Runs around $460 for the car, $540 for the truck version. The C4 is available anywhere, cheap. No overdrive. This adapter ONLY accepts a C4, no other trans. I read recently that he is having difficulties getting the bellhousing cast right now, but John Mummert ( still has them, I believe.

    4) Use the Bendtsen's ( kit to adapt any Ford trans. Be aware that this is an adapter only & lots of fabbing will be necessary. There are some cars & trucks using it. I have heard that there have been some quality issues; also his customer service apparently leaves something to be desired. About $800 for the adapter; a completed swap will run you twice that at least, with a rebuilt trans.

    5) Bristol Services Company (Gary Croan) will adapt an AOD. My understanding of this setup is that he machines the AOD case and installs essentially a new bellhousing. I've been told it is good quality but I have no personal experience with it. Parts are available separately. I believe that he can supply the necessary pieces for specific installs, at least for T-Birds. Bristol Services Company, 711 West 17th Street, Suite F11, Costa Mesa, CA, 92627, (949) 722-1122.

    6) Hollywood Automotive, 3360 Roger Pl., St. Louis, MO, 63116, (314) 773-3333, has just come out with an AOD adapter, no machine work required. I don't know anything about it yet, but the description sounds nice. :)

    7) edit: VAPHEAD, a 200R4 or 700R4 adapter sounds spiffy. Let's hear some details! We get asked this overdrive question all the time on Y block forums, it'd be nice to shoot some business your way.

    8) Y Block Magazine, P.O. Box 1005, Ottawa, IL, 61350. (815) 433-1393 8am-8:30 am only. This is a small magazine started 10 years or so ago when Y blocks were considered the armpit of Ford engines. The back issues are worth the investment. No flash here, just good solid info. $23.50/yr for 6 issues. (I don't know the publisher, no promos here. :))
  12. jcruz
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    from Austin, Tx

    great info, Homespun91.

    been meaning to get a subsription. here's a brief reply from the fine folks at y-block mag:

    Send payment (Check or
    Money Order) to the
    address below.

    Y Block Magazine
    PO Box 1005
    Ottawa, IL 61350

    All new subscriptions commence with a first
    class mailed copy of the current issue. You would
    receive your first issue about 1 week to 10 days
    (slightly longer for ouside the USA) after mailing
    your order!
    Back issue orders usually take extra time.
    (especially if the order includes any issues between
    numbers 1 and 30) Some of these issues are now out of
    print. It is hoped that they can be offered again
    sometime in the future.
    I don't have a web site. see
    for info, pics, parts."
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    This let's you bolt a GM automatic to your Y-block Ford engine.
    Comes with hardware too.
    Must use Mopar mini starter.
    I'm brain dead right now...PM me any questions.
    Thanks !

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  14. I'm brain dead all the time. Makes life much easier when dealing with the unwashed masses. :D

    VAPHEAD, thanks for the info. I didn't know Wilcap had it done, it was still "in development" last I checked. We'll see if we can't shoot some referrals your way. Actually, I might try it myself next summer, have to sell a kidney or something first to finance it.

    Cool web site BTW, I laughed my ass off at the "axle related parts" pic. :cool:
  15. Ole don
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    Ole don

    I made a pattern and a chunk of aluminum to a machiist and had my adaptor made. Total cost, about 95 bucks. The Y blocks have a few things to be changed when doing a complete overhaul that will double their life, ad increase power. PM me if you have questions.
  16. Ole don
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    Ole don

    Ole Don again, I can't do links, dunno if its me or the computer. But if you go to, then on the top left, click on Members articles, then half way down the right column is an article written by Walt Dupont. He wrote a very good article on how to make an adaptor to fit a five speed to a stock 49 to 64 ford passenger or truck stick bell housing. Its really simple. The pictures are from the one I had made. You can adjust the bolt pattern for anything you want, GM, or Ford. If you have more money than time, John Mummert sells one for less than two hundred bucks.
  17. sodapop
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    from Tejas

    Great info guys.
    Thanks, Dave

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