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Features Who can figure this out ?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by chev34ute, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Glenn Thoreson
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    Glenn Thoreson
    from SW Wyoming

    Henry Ford set up plants in Russia and France. The Germans probably "appropriated" the French stuff. Can't remember the year but I remember he never got paid for anything. Not one red cent. (get it?) What most people don't know is he also donated a bunch of money to the Nazi party in 1933. Russia used the basic Model A frame for dozens of military vehicles well into the mid to late 20th century.
    France used the flathead V8 in military equipment until about 1980.
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  2. there are even cars being built here without any original parts....and the're being praised.
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  3. Deuces
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    from Michigan

  4. chriseakin
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  5. George
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    Aussie Utes in '35, what year model is this?
  6. No they were not. Utes go back further. Model 18's in 32 were made as roadster utes, then coupe utes were added from the Model 40.
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  7. Fortunateson
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    Well said!
  8. sloppy jalopies
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    sloppy jalopies

    Watched a WWII documentary recently,
    they drove up in a '33-'34 Tudor but it had front door vent windows...
  9. The GAZ grille inserts look similar to the '34-'35 Buick inserts. 34andartsbuick2 (2).jpg
  10. George
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  11. Soviet
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    Shoot me a direct link, I'll do some more digging. Those pics didn't come up on a Google search for the same keywords.

    The text on the pics are about what you'd expect - "cab components" etc... no identifiers of interest as to origin.

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