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Where to get sheet metal?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BZNSRAT, Oct 5, 2009.

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    Where do yall get your sheet metal for firewalls, floors etc? Eastwood used to have it, but does not anymore.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. 35PontiacCoupe
    Joined: Jun 7, 2008
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    from COS

    There's got to be a welding place around you that would sell it for lots cheaper than eastwood + shipping! Check the locals and then for comparisons sake, check out They're pretty cheap when you buy in longer sizes and will cut it down for you. Shipping can be a bear though, especially on a piece of sheet... Good luck!
  3. skidsteer
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    Home Depot and Lowe's carry some, although nothing real big.
  4. Look in the phone book under heating and cooling. These place all fab there own stuff. You would be impressed if you got a tour of their shop. Call them and see if they will help you. I have one down the road that will shear it to size and has aluminum, steel, stainless etc all on hand.

  5. 39 All Ford
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    39 All Ford
    from Benton AR

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD colSpan=2>Ryerson Inc.
    <TD></TD><TR><TD vAlign=top width="50%">Jacksonville
    5336 Highway Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL 32254
    904-781-9106 Fax
    Not that these folks are your best option, I don't know whether this is true or not, but they cary a shitload of variety of metlal products here in Little Rock...

    Another similalr distributor will fit the beill if they can't help or are too far.
  6. hotrodlarry
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    Some auto parts stores carry it. I went to my local Bond Auto Parts ( which is part of Auto Value) and they had a couple sheets.
  7. thirty7slammed
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    from earth

    I buy mine from a local steel supplier if I need a full 4X8 or 4X10 sheet. I usually buy 18 or 16 ga. cold rolled, the last time I bought a sheet was a couple of months ago, and as far as I can remember it was about $60.00 for a 4X8 sheet of 18 ga. If I need smaller stuff I buy (all fall) from a local sheetmetal shop cheap . Maybe this is just me, but I won't mess with anything but cold roll, the hot roll has a scale on it that makes it difficult to weld if you don't clean it off. Most of the HVAC use 20-24 ga. galvanized, steer clear if it involves welding.
  8. bobj49f2
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    I've used these places for small metal orders, they're not near you but if anyone is close to one of these places they're all good places to buy small orders of sheet metal, flat stock, round and square tubing, all kinds of metal.

    I'm lucky this place just opened about five miles from my shop:
  9. nutajunka
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    Don't forget old truck hoods from the 70's, lots of metal in them and can pick-up almost for free. It only takes a few minutes with a sawsall to free up the top, plus if you need curves finding an old fender or hood might have it already made into it for you.
  10. Okie Pete
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    Okie Pete

    Hot rodders started reduce ,recycle,reuse:rolleyes:.
  11. Mr48chev
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    Several of the places in the first link in the search should have metal available. Quite often at the welding and manufacturing shops that sell steel on the retail side they will have a remnant rack that you can by partial sheets out of without paying cut charges.

    We have a local ag equipment mfg and repair shop (they make feed trucks and trailers for dairy primarily) that sells steel and will sell small remnants w/o a cut charge. I've tried for years to get them to sell me small rems of the floor by the lb but so far no dice. I usually go down and pick up a batch of small pieces off the floor for gussets and making smaller pieces.

    I'm another guy who grabs hoods from mid 70's and older pickups (usually out of my buddy's scrap pile to cut up. Stay away from the newer ones and the ones that have rust proof coating though. My dash is the flat inside panel from 70 something Chevy long bed that I cut pieces out of. That an a few feet of inch and a half Midas muffler pipe.
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    from Manor, TX

    large old appliances
  13. motobilt
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    from okc

    look in the phone book under steel, should be more than a few people near you, If you wan the best stuff commonly available, but cold rolled, it is very clean and works fantastic, I buy 4 x 10 sheets of 18 ga for $ 41 a sheet here, so it is not that expensive
  14. Toddjg
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    from florida

    what type of sheet metal is used in old 50 's cars cold rolled hot ? what type its 18 Ga right?
  15. boldventure
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  16. chaddilac
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    Find a local place that makes ac ducts, or vent hoods for stoves, usually they carry other thicknesses of sheetmetal, I would use any ac duct stuff but get the correct sheetmetal for the job.
  17. 46achers
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    Not sure if there in your area or not, but try googling Keystone Automotive.
  18. squirrel
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    I seem to recall measuring the metal in my old truck years ago, and the floor and inner braces were 19 gauge, the skin was 21 gauge....which is why the 18 and 22 gauge steel I bought didn't seem quite right.

    The problem with reusing is that you have to get the paint off, usually anything old enough to have nice steel will also have several layers of paint on the outside, and rust on the inside
  19. busch167
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    If you have a local auto paint supply store they may have metal for sale, I know that lowes has some sheet stock but you pay a preminum. I have a fab shop and I was in lowes and looked at their stock (there steel stock was double what I sell stainless steel sheet for, but they do have it).
    Would be happy to help you out with any size you would need but the shipping might kill the deal

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