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What the @#$% is an RV CAM anyway??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by allengator, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Hey man! My stall converter has a huge cam and NOSS!:rolleyes:

  2. propwash
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    from Las Vegas

    RV cam was named for its inventor - Arvie Von Lederhosen
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  3. tbill
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    from central ny

    Doc, it's NAWS! lol now, as punishment for that snafu, go watch the fast and futile or what ever that's called.....

    sorry, that just struck me funny...
  4. Duuuwd, that is like, totally like, uncalled for. If I didnt have to go polish the dubs on my Hyundai we would have words!:eek:

  5. I had to Borrow Mr. Peabody's "Way Back Machine" for this. RV Camshafts were introduced in the late 1970's. Compared to Camshafts of the Time they were High Lift, Low Duration Camshafts with low overlap. The concept was to maintain good to excellent Vacuum, good air velocity in Manifold and increase cylinder pressure to produce More Torque, more power to Pull better from Low RPM up into Mid-range. Think of this: 4x4 with 30 Inch Tires and 2:76 gears, or, an RV at 6000-7000 lbs lumbering down a back road to a remote camping area. Only using Idle to mid range rpm but requiring more torque. Install an RV Camshaft in your Mostly Stock Streeter, with 2:76 gears and you are adding some fun, without revving to 7000 rpm.
    The Comp Xtreme 4x4 Camshaft, below, would be very close to an original RV Cam. The Melling is the STOCK SBC camshaft. Chevy used to install their Own RV type cam in 4x4's in the 1980's but I no longer have P/N. There are MANY Camshafts to choose from now and better cylinder heads so the demand has dropped off for the old RV cams.

    Comp Cams Xtreme 4x4 X4254H MELLING CCS2 Copy of Factory Camshaft
    Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft
    Part Number: 249-12-235-2 Melling CCS2
    Strong low-end and mid-range torque, good idle.
    Operating Range: 1000-5200 RPM
    Duration Advertised: 254° Intake / 262° Exhaust Melling 269/258
    Duration @ .050'' Lift: 210° Intake / 218° Exhaust Melling 194/202
    Valve Lift w/1.5 Rockers .447'' Intake / .462'' Exhaust Melling . 390/.409
    Lobe Separation Angle: 111°
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  6. anthony myrick
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    anthony myrick

  7. Boneyard51
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    Well, how about a SBC manifold stretcher, to make exhaust manifolds fit???

    I when to the parts store and asked an old parts guy for one and he laughed at me! I said I’m serious! I had to get the book and show him that tool! He couldn’t believe it! Lol

  8. Well, this is "stretching this thread" out a bit, too.
  9. scrappybunch
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    from nj

    EEE GAAADS I installed an sp2p on a OT 350 4wd pickup. Did absolutely nothing for mpg's or performance. Stock cast iron was superior in every way except weight.
  10. indyjps
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    Post 2 has listing of common factory performance cams.
    Post 3 has common RV chevy cams, most are around .440 lift with 215 to 220 or so duration.

    These 3 cam specs make up about all small block chevy RV cams, many companies make them - because they work great
    204-214 .420-.443
    214-214 .443-.443
    214-224 .443-.465

    Read thru the lift and duration specs and it will start making sense.
  11. indyjps
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    210/218 .447/.462 112 Im liking that, shorter duration for the lift than most of the common offerings.

  12. Doublepumper
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    from WA-OR, USA

  13. The Melling part number is MTC-1 for a Small Block Chevrolet. I have one in my 350 that was in my El Camino, then installed into my O/T Suburban. The 350 was a stock crate replacement engine, I ran it for a year until the warranty was up. Then I installed the MTC-1. Granted, it’s not a monster cam, but it really woke up that Chevrolet. I liked it so much, I installed the same version in my E-250 with a 351. Same thing, it runs great. The MTC-1 has the same specs as the Edelbrock Performer, I wouldn’t be surprised if Melling made it for Edelbrock.
  14. Rusty O'Toole
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    Rusty O'Toole

    RV cams were a thing in the 70s and 80s. Designed for extra punch in the normal rev range of street driven motors. It was VERY popular to rebuild your smogger Chev 350 at home with an RV cam, Edelbrock single 4 barrel intake, Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, and small diameter headers to pick up an extra 30 or 40 HP and 2 or 3 MPG over a stock engine, for your daily driver car or pickup truck.
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  15. Doublepumper
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    from WA-OR, USA

    ^Yep. Practical and affordable. And it works just as well today as it did back then.
  16. junkyardjeff
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    I requested a RV cam when I had the 351-W built for my Sunliner since I was going with 2.75 gears but after the first trip to Daytona going through the hills in Kentucky and Tennesee it did not run too good going less then 65 so I think I did not get one.
  17. George
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    Probably a hint....
  18. flatheadgary
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    from boron,ca

    well i got one in my '53 flatty. i don't know who made it since it doesn't say anywhere on it. it does have 3/4 stamped on the end. it runs good and goes to about 5000 rpm.
  19. George
    Joined: Jan 1, 2005
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    3/4 was back in the day a 3/4 race cam, not really an RV cam....

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