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Art & Inspiration What makes your car or cars unique?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by KoolKat-57, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. rockable
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  2. choptop40
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    May be the only 51 chopped with 47 Chevy back glass.. image.jpeg
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  3. jnaki
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    The 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery was unique in that there were no other sedan deliveries in all of our cruising areas and many road trips we took to places in So Cal. Most people did not like sedan deliveries because it was a work/business related vehicle that looked like a real 1940 Ford sedan, but with differences. Everything was the same, except for the huge hollow chamber behind the front seats.
    That private area behind the seats came in handy many times over the 5 years of ownership. It was a surf related form of transportation that started out as a powerful hot rod in Bixby Knolls. The previous owner had installed a big 348 Chevy motor and 3 speed LaSalle transmission. The motor made sounds that no other hot rod had, cruising in that drive-in parking lot.

    When it was sitting in the premier back row spot, it just stood out in style and design. When it fired up, everyone took notice. When it left the parking lot, the powerful sound of the 348 just hung in the air all the way down the block. That was one main reason there was a big smile on my face…that was the hot rod I wanted to own. Plus, no other sedan delivery compared or was even in the whole cruising area. Who drives a sedan delivery except for guys delivering parts or painting your house. It was unique to say the least.


    Then one weekend night, the sedan delivery was for sale. What???? I immediately inquired and the price was sky high for the times and my savings account. Who had that kind of 1960 money as a teenager? All dreams were dashed and hope was going down the street. I knew the owner, as he went to my junior high school and high school, one class above me. But, no amount of bidding was going to win him over. No one else had the met the cost to buy the sedan delivery, so I felt safe.

    After weeks of squabbling over the price, the owner decided to sell the sedan delivery to me, but instead of that big 348 motor, a stock Flathead would be put back in place. With everything else going on, the Flathead solved several problems for both of us.

    The former owner could use the 348 for another drag racing build he was planning. One problem solved… And, now, we could go on surfing road trips without the constant glare of a couple of guys/girls arriving in a pristine 58 Chevy Impala. That implication was one that was hard to live down, except for the fact that the Impala was very cool and unique. Also, we were better surfers than 95% of the guys in the water.
    Well, after the exchange, I could afford to buy it, with 200 less horsepower. So, that made the 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery unique… Now, I was the owner of a hot rod that was one of the fastest cars in Bixby Knolls to one of the slowest ones around. It was one unique hot rod I could live with, that had the “slow” connotation.
  4. 56sedandelivery
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    They say the only difference between men and boys, is the size of their toys; I can't think of anyone, other than Moriarity, that that's more true. I am Butch/56sedandelivery.
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  5. I don't think its unique but it is different, flathead towing a flathead
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  6. jimgoetz
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    I guess maybe these Rudy Sumpter Reed Engineering shocks. I'm still trying to find out more about them but they were on the car when it was first built in 1952. DSCN1156.JPG DSCN1216.JPG
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