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Vintage Space { back to the future }

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Ron Funkhouser, May 2, 2018.

  1. I loved the 1950's and 60's! One of the coolest things growing up back then, was the cars, Hot Rods, and yes { Outer Space }.:) Back then, when I thought of living in the year 2000. I thought that I may be living on Mars, and driving a flying car.:rolleyes: lol My parents took us to the 1964-65 worlds fair. Back then we thought that anything was possible! So let's see your STUFF, posters, Toys , Model cars, Robots, and space toys! THANKS RON..... 602.jpg 2061.jpg 1368.jpg 1340.jpg 20161007_231448.jpg
  2. hedg12
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    Love the vintage sci-fi stuff. I'm always looking for the old mid century memorabilia, but it's rare in my part of the country

    When I saw the headline of this post I thought maybe you were talking about the Vintage Space youtube channel. I'm a bit of a space history nerd, so it's right up my alley. The girl that hosts it is pretty easy on the eyes, too...
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  3. 1947knuck
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    I like this picture, growing up I watched the Jetson's. SpacelySprockets.jpg

  4. Moriarity
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  5. Moriarity
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  6. Moriarity
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  7. Remember these guys? ROBBIE the robot, was from the 1956 Forbidden planet movie. And the lost in space robot was from the 1960s TV show. I loved them both as a kid, especially the (bubble headed boobie) as the good Dr. Smith would call the lost in space robot. Lol :) 20180512_151309.jpg

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  8. EnragedHawk
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    from Waco, TX

    This isn’t exactly vintage, but it’s from a vintage show. My mother is a huge Doctor Who fan, so my sister and I built this for her a couple months ago.


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  9. bathcollector
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    Had this since the late 60's

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  10. 20170929_020319.jpg 220.jpg 498.jpg A few { back to the future } concept models 20170929_020934.jpg
  11. fleetside66
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  12. Found these at a yard sale awhile back. JetsonsAstro1.JPG JetsonsElRoy1.JPG JetsonsGeorge1.JPG JetsonsJane.JPG JetsonsJudy1.JPG JetsonsMr.Spacely1.JPG
  13. Barn Hunter
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    Barn Hunter

    Made this light. First as a table light, then a wall hanger. Turns on with an ignition switch. 2013-02-06_23-58-29_733 (2).jpg 20140525_155508 (2).jpg 20140525_155528 (2).jpg
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  15. 55Deso
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    from Wyoming

  16. 565.jpg A 1950s bubble top tin car.
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  18. Lone Star Mopar
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    Lone Star Mopar

    This belonged to my dad as a kid. Its marked zim-tv 1960. Its pretty fragile now so it justs hangs out on the garage shelf. 20181214_105141.jpeg 20181214_105158.jpeg

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  19. Murphy32
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    from Minnesota

  20. Just a Bump to see some more vintage space toys, books, movies, art, etc. 20161229_233137.jpg 20160429_050202.jpg Stuff like steam punk, yard art, models, toys etc. I noticed a Galileo model in back ground on another thread. It looked so cool. So what ya got? Thanks Ron............
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  21. You have some set of eyes, that is Tim Chapman's shop. Former member of the Road Agents (Rockabilly Rumble East Hartford Conn).
    He is the man I bought my sedan from.

    The Galileo model was a Boy Scout project he and his son built. Is having a father who is a talented bodyman/Hot Rod builder with a body shop an unfair advantage?

    I think I have some photos of it from a different angle, but the sedan is in the way.

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