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Very Nice Vehicles

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by bobwop, May 19, 2014.

  1. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
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    City: Jefferson

    State: Wisconsin
    Price: under $30k

    1963 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport Coupe $ SOLD

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  2. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
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    1957 Chevrolet 3200 1/2 ton Pickup Truck. $17,995

    This truck is a half-ton, long box. It was built in Los Angeles and sold new at McMullin Chevrolet of Barstow, CA. Quite a few years ago, it worked its way to WI. The man that restored it purchased it in 1980.

    He told me a story about working on local farms and falling in love with Chevrolet pickup trucks. He vowed to have a 1957 someday. He had early models over the years, but did not find a 57 to his liking until this one was discovered at the Iola Car Show.

    A complete restoration was performed. It was done to perfection. This truck looks as if it was kept in a museum. Oh I suppose you could criticize it because the bed wood is a bit darker and the radio antenna is mounted to the bed rail. But otherwise, it is very, very stock appearing.

    The engine is in great condition. The valve seats are hardened, so unleaded gas is okay. The exhaust was new, as was the radiator and generator. The interior is very, very nice and correct.

    Due to this truck being from California, the body is very solid. It was not rusty and only required dent repair and paint. The paint is still very nice with only minor chips and scratches from his 28 years of driving it to many car shows.

    The tires are in excellent shape, but are over 20 years old. They are heavy duty and of the correct size. This yields acceptable highway speeds into the 60’s.

    Routine and necessary maintenance were performed and recorded. The brakes are new. There are no leaks. Every feature on this truck functions properly. All gauges and lights work. Even the glove box, dome and license plate lights work!

    There is a spare wheel mounted beneath the bed. The correct jack is stowed behind the seat. There are two keys, including the well-worn original. The doors lock via key.

    The tinted glass was likely replaced. It is just too nice to be over 60 years old. I guess I should really investigate. The emblems, hubcaps and mirrors are nice and correct.

    This truck has a working AM radio, electric wipers, functional parking brake, quite heater fan and both the original horn and a set of train horns. The foot pedal still actuates the starter. The floor mat is correct and nice.

    The ORIGINAL warranty document from the selling dealer listing the original owner is in the glove box. There is also the Owner’s Manual, some spare parts and a stack of receipts for parts and work done.

    There are not many trucks this nice. Its early life in California is mostly responsible. But credit is due to the man that lovingly restored it and showed it for the past 38 years. He has a collection of trophies that would fill the long box to remind him of the fun he had.

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  3. bobwop
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    1950 Chevrolet 1/2 ton short box pickup $16995

    I am not normally one to go after the “shop trucks” with the “patina look”, but this truck just had too much going for it to pass it by.

    The amount of effort and expense that went into it to make it a fun, dependable and reliable driver caught my attention. The well-done interior, bed and lowering pushed me over the edge.

    This truck was born with a wimpy 216 splash oiled engine. Plus, it would have had rear end gearing that prevented comfortable driving at more than 45 mph. Now the powertrain is very capable and, actually, quite a conversation piece.

    The engine is a Pontiac 215 cubic inch inline six cylinder. It was only produced for 1964 and 65. It was the base engine in the Pontiac Tempest. It was built by Chevrolet, yet PONTIAC is cast into the block. The block is the same as the Chevy 230, except the bore is smaller. It uses the same crank but the head has higher compression. It developed 140 horsepower, which was more than the Chevy 230.

    The bell-housing is made for B-O-P transmissions. In this case, the ST-300 aluminum case transmission is bolted to it. This was a very strong transmission that was the automatic used in Pontiacs and Buicks. It is often mistaken for a Powerglide. There is a Lokar shifter mounted to it.

    The rear-end is a 10 bolt. It may have come from the Tempest. It is open and has 3.07 gear ratio. Perfect with the engine and transmission! It is great in town and will cruise all day long at freeway speeds.

    The engine was equipped with an HEI ignition, bigger carburetor and free-flowing exhaust. There is a nice Aluminum radiator for cooling. All gauges work to provide monitoring. There is plenty of oil pressure and it runs cool. An alternator charges the 12 volt battery.

    A new fuel tank was mounted beneath the new bed. There is an auxiliary electric pump for lengthy storage. The bed is all new. It was raised to allow for clearance after the suspension was lowered.

    The lowered look was accomplished with a dropped front axle, lowering blocks and lowering shocks. The front axle is equipped with disc brakes.

    The wheels, beauty rings and spider caps are new. They are wrapped in bias ply wide-whitewall tires. The wheel bling accentuates the new chrome. The bumpers, grills, bezels, emblems and tail lights are all shiny new chrome.

    The wiring has been configured to handle twelve volts. There is a master switch, pushbutton for the starter and LED interior lights. An amplifier and speakers are behind the seat for USB connection to your phone or Ipod. The seat is reupholstered, as are the door panels, kick panels and headliner. The carpet is also new.

    You will find the wipers and horn are not functioning. But the glass is all new, the door locks via key and There is not a jack or spare tire. There is a new heater that works great.

    The body is not perfect. You will find old patches, signs of corrosion and some rust in the cab corner. All of it has been repaired and covered. I guess it is just part of the patina look.

    This truck is a great driver. And it is fun. I love driving a vehicle with a functional cowl vent for ventilation. This truck offers the patina some of you desire. It is the perfect shop truck.

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  4. bobwop
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    Posts: 6,023


    1955 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan $15,995

    This car was sold new at Lindburgh Cadillac of Jefferson City, MO to O.B. or Tottie L. Crawford of Columbia, MO. We have a copy of the original title! Certainly they gave it great care and storage, as it is very original.

    They purchased a nicely optioned car. It has power steering and brakes, power seat and antenna, power windows, Autotronic eye, pushbutton AM radio with station seeking, air conditioning, EZ-Eye glass and undercoating.

    A member of the family had it repainted about twenty years ago. At that time, the weather stripping was also replaced. The finish is professional and exceptional. The car languished in storage for about forty years!

    A man from Iowa bought the car and began the improvements. He had it tuned, rebuilt the carburetor, had new brakes installed and put on radial tires. The exhaust system is new, as is the fuel tank and lines. He successfully sourced a reconditioned rear bumper and had it installed. That was a $2000 bill!

    But the car was not driven. Just enough to load it up with gas and crud. It needed to be exercised. When I bought it, the rings were stuck. We used a few of our tricks to remedy the situation. Now it starts and runs, without clouds of smoke. It goes down the road in wonderful fashion. I have had it to 85mph and there was more left.

    The interior is original. The front seat was professionally covered, likely when near new. It seems there are no faults beneath the cover.

    The chrome and stainless on this car are amazing. Often times, the chrome get pitted. The original front bumper looks great. The rear bumper is mint!

    We found a few things that still need attention. The wipers and horn don’t work, the radio doesn’t play and the power antenna needs to be installed. The Air conditioning will turn to on, but needs to be re-charged with Freon. I am guessing you will wish to convert it to 134a.

    Interesting enough, the power windows and seat work perfectly. I haven’t driven it at night to know if the automatic dimming headlights are actuated by the Autotronic Eye.

    This is a fantastic car. The body is super straight and without repair. The paint is show worthy, as is the chrome. The interior is nice enough that it won’t embarrass you. There is a lot to clean and polish, but the effort is worth it when you hear the accolades.

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  5. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
    Posts: 6,023


    1948 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe Hotrod $14,995

    I will admit that my attraction to hotrod black cars is not strong. But there was something about this car that drew me to take another look.

    When I discovered that the body had been set onto a 1982 Oldsmobile Toronado chassis, I was intrigued. You see, I am an Oldsmobile Man.

    When I examined the craftsmanship, I was astounded. Such great attention to detail! The builder utilized the two cars to the fullest. He successfully transplanted the great luxury and power features of the Toronado into the Ford body.

    The body on this car is very solid and sound. As mentioned, I am not a fan of the hotrod black look. You could just scuff it and paint it the color of your choice. There is no body work needed.

    When you look at the car, you really can't detect that it isn't stock. I suppose the wheels give it away, and the mirrors are not proper. But otherwise, he did a great job.

    The stance is right. He was able to install Ford hubcaps and Coker radial wide whites onto the Oldmobile wheels, the body was not altered. You would never guess this is a front-wheel drive car. The windshield is the old two-piece style that old hotrodders used.

    The powertrain and chassis is all Toronado. The 307 Olds is a great engine. The transmission is the 325-4L four speed overdrive. The suspension is independent at both front and rear. There are disc brakes on all four corners. The wheelbase is the exact same 114" as the 48 Ford coupe.

    The engine is nicely dressed up. There are power brakes and steering. The exhaust is dual stainless steel. This car has working climate control. When the A/C is on, an auxiliary electric fan kicks in to keep the engine cool.

    The interior appointments are great. The luxurious Toronado maroon leather interior is almost enough to put you to sleep. The power seats work properly. The steering column tilts and telescopes. The mirrors are power adjusted.

    You will enjoy the Sony AM/FM/CD sound system. There is a 19 channel CB radio, too. The Cruise Control works, so does the power trunk latch release. You will get a kick out of the wolf whistle.

    There are manuals, brochures, spare parts, the jack/spare/lug wrench in the trunk. The ignition and door lock via key.

    The final drive gear ratio is 2.73 to one. With the .67 overdrive transmission, you will realize great fuel economy. The engine is designed to run on 87 octane unleaded fuel. The brakes and fuel system were all recently maintained. In fact, the fuel tank is new.

    The man that built this hotrod put lots of time, energy, effort and cost into getting it right. His widow sold the car after he passed. The next owner got it back into reliable driving condition.

    Just put gas in it and roll. I would not be afraid to make this my daily driver for spring, summer, fall and winter.


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  6. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
    Posts: 6,023


    1956 Pontiac Chieftain 860 2 door sedan $14,995

    This car was sold new in Milbank, SD. It has only been driven 80,080 miles. It is rust-free and looking sharp!

    This is the short-bodied Pontiac that shares components with Chevrolets. In fact, we replaced the windshield and it was correct for a Chevy. The gasket and original sealant were still soft and pliable!

    This car certainly was garage kept, as the elements have not impacted the quality. The original chrome and stainless look wonderful. The paint is original and shows quite a few character flaws. But it still shines nicely. The Glendale Green and Nimbus Grey (off-white) are a very period combination.

    We see no sign of rust or repairs anywhere. There are some dents along the body line of the driver's side quarter panel, but nothing that is obnoxious. The glass is all in nice shape. The tires are new.

    The interior is interesting. The seat covers are hand sewn and installed. They are stitched on with thread that was obviously done with needle and thread. It feels like the original covers that are beneath are not damaged. I just don't have the guts to tear off the covers to find out. The headliner is original and nice. The door panels are in great shape. The original rubber floor covering is still soft and pliable and very usable.

    There is an aftermarket stereo mounted beneath the dash. But the radio delete plate is still in place. All gauges and lights work. The wipers and heater work. The horn blows. The doors lock via key.

    The engine is the 316 cubic inch V8. Good performance for the day. What is cool is the transmission is a column-shifted three-speed manual! The clutch was just replaced. This car is tons of fun to drive.

    This was a bare bones Pontiac. Manual transmission, radio delete, rubber floor covering, no power steering or brakes, poverty hubcaps.

    What a great original car with just the right options and powertrain!

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  7. bobwop
    Joined: Jan 13, 2008
    Posts: 6,023


    Please PM me with your running/driving trade or your reasonable cash offer

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