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Technical Tubing Bender

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by lake_harley, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Fortunateson
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  2. Mr T body
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    Mr T body
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    I prefer the Parkers for larger tube (1/2" and larger, most here won't go that big), but my favorite for 3/16" is a Ridgid. I have a REALLY old Imperial I use for 3/8" but that's because the draw comes out really clean especially with aluminum. I came across a no-name years ago for 5/16" and though I could probably do better, sometimes you just get comfy with certain tools. Call me sentimental......
  3. ekimneirbo
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    Lake, this type of bender gives a good small radius. They are made under several name brands and you can find used ones on Ebay for $40 or less. They are worth the price. You may have to watch Ebay a while, but they will show up for reasonable prices. Make a jig like the one in the picture and you can easily put your bends where they end up right where you want them.
    Tubing 2aa.jpg
    Tubing 6aa.jpg

    This last picture is for getting coiled tubing good and straight. Little pricey but works very well.;)
  4. Don't forget the option of using 90-degree fittings where ever you need a tight angle. This is especially handy when a M/C is shoehorned in a tight space. It can save an inch or more over a bend radius tube. Also, if the bent tubing isn't dead nuts 90 degrees, it can be a real booger trying to get a fitting started in a tight space. A fitting on a straight run of tubing is so much easier to deal with.
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  5. scrappybunch
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  6. 1oldtimer
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    I bought one like that in the mid 90s on the Macto truck, but it had the Matco name on it. Let someone borrow it (back then) and one of the dies is screwed up.
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  7. 48jeep
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    I used Imperial tubing benders for years when I built test systems. We primarily used AN tubing and fittings. If you need a real tight bend you can put the sleeve between the arm that holds the tubing and the start of the mandrel.

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