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Features TRUCKS ONLY PIC THREAD! Show me your cool trucks...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by terd ferguson, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. jnaki
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    Back in 1954-55, I lived in a Long Beach,CA neighborhood that had several custom cars and trucks. But the truck stuck out the most. It was an early Ford F100 that had a beautiful Tahitian Red paint job and chrome reverse wheels. The most obvious thing of this beautiful truck was the unusual chopped top. The windshield was large, but the back of the cab was lower than the front. The rear window was smaller than stock.

    The roof line looked like it was tilted back as the front was higher than the back. It had chrome Appleton spots, white tuck and roll upholstery and it looked beautiful driving down the street. The truck had this lowered stance and always cruised down the main drag of our neighborhood. But, the top always drew comments from most everyone.

    One day, I was in a neighborhood gas station/car repair/tune up place. I saw the truck sitting near the tune up part of the whole gas station complex. I knew the owners and the mechanics as they were neighborhood guys. We always stopped here on the way home from elementary school.

    We always hung around the mechanics as they worked on many different cars and trucks. One of the mechanics offered to give me a ride in the Tahitian Red truck to take it back to the owner. I was so flabbergasted that I did not know what to do. Once I climbed into the cab, it was the coolest truck ever… the ride was very nice, not bumpy like most lowered cars/trucks. The white tuck and roll was something I had never experienced.

    The neatest thing was that several of my friends were sitting on the next corner bus stop and it was so cool to wave to them as we “cruised” by on the way to the owner’s storefront. I was actually cruising !!! I wanted to turn the Appleton spotlights on them and light them up…! I wonder where that truck is located, today? Did it survive?


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  2. My 47 Ford with a 354 Hemi at the Pocono Drag Lodge Reunion 2015. DSC06422.JPG DSC06423.JPG DSC06421.JPG DSC06432.JPG
  3. Not a picture, but a video of my 55 Cameo build...lots of work to do, slowly but surely!

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  4. BEM
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  5. Flatblack 31
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    Flatblack 31


    Sent by homing pigeon
  6. Inked Monkey
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    Inked Monkey

  7. Chuck Craig
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    Chuck Craig

    Here are three shots of my current trucks. The black 39 1/2 Ton is my driver, the primed 48 is one project and the 39 COE is my latest (it has to wait until my 34 Chevy 3WC is back together.

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  8. Just added 2 more projects to the list. .........
    49' Merc M47 and 37 20160809_151815.jpg ish Cevrolet
  9. choptop40
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    image.jpg my 53 stude pickup , straight and just a roller.
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  10. 34Diego
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  11. seh
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  12. exterminator
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    Anyone have a truck to post? Would like to see 40-46 dodge frog headlight trucks.
  13. Barn Find
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    Barn Find
    from Missouri

    My friend just got this '61 F250 in from New Mexico. It is a rare factory 4x4. I think it was "upgraded' later with a Custom Cab that is probably a '63 body.

  14. verde742
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    DESIGNED BY A COMMITTEE..? actually its "factory built"
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  15. capterik
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    from Florida

    My latest project, a 1958 Ranchero with an FE engine in it, one of the PO coated all the chrome with sparkly paint, luckily they didn't sand, going back to shiny.
  16. kbgreen
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    IMG_0376MA31968803-0007.JPG My dad's 54. The great thing about this truck is that it has never been "restored" so it is all there where the factory put it.
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  17. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

  18. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

  19. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

  20. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

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  21. Yamaha970
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    My 39 wrecker with a hemi engine hanging off it and my 34 Dodge Brothers IMG_20170208_110616494_HDR.jpg IMG_20151203_123218233.jpg IMG_20151008_130817900.jpg
  22. Blake84
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  23. LN7 NUT
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    LN7 NUT

    I am building this 1950 Dodge as a mild period custom this summer and I will be using it to pull my 1949 Roadway travel trailer.


    Apparently Chevy S-10's (on the very first page) and billet covered trucks are fine to post here but my daily driver 36 GMC Hot Rod Tow Truck that was originally built in the 40's and my 59 Chevrolet Stageway Limo are off topic as they got deleted as such.
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  24. Little update from my 2009 photo
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  25. e1956v
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    Alliance Vendor

  26. So far, from this;
    To this;
  27. jcmarz
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    from Chino, Ca

  28. Looks like a '38 GMC.
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