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Projects Traditional do-dads inside old hotrods?!

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Pete Poling, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. jnaki
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    upload_2018-5-6_5-2-53.png inside of a Mercury Comet station wagon cruiser.

    In the 50s and 60s, it was a very common thing to see custom door locks, radio knobs, other dash knobs and even a matching shifter knob made out of some sort of colorful plastic. There was a thread on making these knobs and everyone had great examples of that trend. If we are talking about traditional custom ideas inside of a hot rod/cruiser, these were the prime examples.

    I made several styles and groupings, but my best was a round white knob made for my brother's 1958 Impala 3 speed, gear shifter lever. He was actually surprised, liked it, and put it on that shift lever. (It stayed on that lever even after I made the change to the C&O stick hydro trans and it was still on there when I sold that Impala in 1965.)

    The cars and trucks in our old neighborhood had these knobs. They were sold at the auto parts stores and hot rod shops, everywhere. Heck, our hot rod oriented, junior high school, crafts class teacher even had a project that we all completed (many times over) using plastic blocks. Different colors, cut, sand, mill, lathe work, hand sand, and using that jeweler’s rouge on that spinning buffing wheel.

    This was the best class in junior high school, EVER. Some were plain, two color, matching sets for the whole interior as per outside car paint. Others went to town using multiple sheets of plastic for a rainbow effect or just a colorful combination of plastic.


    One girl made a larger handle for her mom’s umbrella. That was pretty ingenious. Back then, no umbrellas for us tough boys, but, today, maybe another project idea is in the works. Times change, but classics remain in the forefront. Wow, custom umbrella handles sticking out of all of those umbrella stands at every mall or neighborhood grocery store in America.
  2. IMG_0035.JPG In my "29 A
  3. jazz1
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    Only thing i got is the shrunken head I got at BTT50's about 30 some years ago. Hula girl on dash of my OT daily,,they were giving them away at work.
  4. Dangerous Dan
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    Dangerous Dan
    from Graham Wa.

    Automatic JOINT dispenser. Load with product, when used roll down and product is rolled out and a heater in the end of the tray light said product,lol. Mounts under dash. 20180325_160114.jpg 20180325_160729.jpg 20180325_160747.jpg
  5. Shamus
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    from NC

    The King of Dice has big & small or eBay.

    No - they are replicas of what pygmys did.
  6. mr.chevrolet
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    I thought they were from Borneo?
  7. 19Fordy
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    Copy of DSC07304 (Small)best.jpg

    Decals made your car go faster.
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  8. Shamus
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    from NC

  9. cederholm
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    This is all I've got...
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  10. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    I added a tool bag in the trunk opening courtesy of Eric at Hot Rod Leather.
  11. Wow, the main thing in the 50's was the bottle of soda pop under the front seat so your girl could wash up and avoid pregnancy.
  12. strait8
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    from Skokie, IL

    Old trophy that may become a hood ornament and some tobacco doo-dads.... IMAG2357[1].jpg IMAG2359[1].jpg IMAG2359[1].jpg My lighter works too! To bad I don't smoke.
  13. Truck64
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    from Ioway

    Gotta ease into it, not like when we were kids and turned green and puked.

    Start with the gum for maybe a week or so, then switch to the patch for a couple more. You'll be ready in no time!

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