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Tomorrow's Dragster?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by J.Ukrop, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. J.Ukrop
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  2. 760 mph on motorcycle tires, what could possibly go wrong?
  3. khead47
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    I highly doubt that any of the tires would be on the ground at that speed!
  4. Let's not forget the G-forces sustained from accelerating from 0 to 750 mph in a 1/4 mile. By my rough calculation that would be 28.64 Gs. That would mean a 165 lb driver would weigh 4,620 pounds. Pretty much garrantees the driver is mushed into the seat by the time he should be pulling the chutes. Of course if he does survive, the braking force required to stop in a contained area would likely re-inflate his mashed body... so it's all good. As long as his eyes stay in his head...

    If someone finds and gets this thing running then count me in...
    Maybe we can have it ready for the Meltdown event next year
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  5. Abomb
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    Was Wile E. Coyote listed as the driver ???

    " Next up, in the Acme sponsored machine...."
  6. Starts out a dragster, turns into an unguided missile for a little less than 1/4 mile.
  7. HRS
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  8. 296ardun
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    Palamides is deceased, at least according to Don Ewald's "in memorium." But he was interesting, built top fuelers (Bob Sparboro was one of his regular drivers), and jet dragsters (the "Untouchable", Palamedes' first jet dragster, is behind the rocket car). He also ran at Bonneville, building the "Infinity" for Glen Leasher to drive. Unfortunately it crashed, and Leasher died in car. I remember this rocket car from the magazine, but don't know if it ever ran....
  9. damn I love this forum
  10. Nick32vic
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    I want to drive that.
  11. I will volunteer to drive that!!
  12. autobilly
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    Anything that claims "tomorrows ... today" is pretty much guaranteed bullshit.
  13. truckjim
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    Hey! If its in print is MUST BE TRUE, right????:eek:
  14. jms
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    from Chicago IL

    ... if it's the last thing I ever do.

    I can't help but notice that the brakes are never mentioned. What happens when you pull a parachute at the speed of sound anyway?
  15. Who needs brakes when your skull will be crushed by G forces alone.
  16. JeffB2
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    from Phoenix,AZ

  17. flamingokid
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    Especially on 1960s murdercycle tires.
  18. cuzncletus
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    I remember seeing a rocket powered dragster at Capitol Drag Raceway in the late 60's. It was small, barely bigger than one of those Briggs and Stratton kid's dragsters. They rolled it into the lights; no noise, no motor running. When the light went green the driver lit the fuse. There was an unearthly shriek like the loudest fireworks you've ever heard. The driver stayed into it for maybe a 100 yards or until he could gather his wits to turn it off. It accelerated harder than anything I've seen before or since. A fuel dragster was a pedal car compared to this suicide machine. I remember him coasting through the lights, still in the 10's after almost a thousand feet with the engine off. I never saw it run again.

    Anything know what this thing was? I never saw anything like it in 50 years of being around tracks. And no, I'm not the crazy old codger telling stories at his mailbox described at the start of this thread.
  19. The conversation you're most likely to hear on the intercom... "How are those bearings holding up?"... "They've melted sir...!" Very cool!
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  20. Pollution Packer was to run against that cart and I don't know if that was from the same team or if the cart was part of the "Turbonique" team(?)
  21. cuzncletus
    Joined: Dec 1, 2006
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    I remember the Turbonique cart, though I never saw it run. What I remember was not that cart. This thing looked like a small rear engine dragster, quite similar to what you'd see today less the front and rear wings. The dragster was about the size of Palamides car. There were also no slicks on the rear as it was basically just 4 wheels for the rocket to roll on. From what I do recall the motor looked possibly similar to a Turbonique as it was about the size of a basketball. My guess is the car was just too fast to control though it's possible the track told them to park it. It was insanely quick. Even if Palamides had been packing the same motor I'm sure his claims would have been greatly exaggerated, but he would have shocked the world.
  22. dustdevil
    Joined: Mar 2, 2009
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    from illinois

    Nice write-up Joey! ! Interesting read. Would be pretty damn cool just to see it in person, let alone see it run!!!
  23. BarronVonGruner
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