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Technical tire problem

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by bodymanmp, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Another trick is to take a small 16" tube, air it up and hold it around the top bead to seal off the gap between it and the rim flange. No core in the stem. You have to get more air in than what is escaping.
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  2. Bechtel 56
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    Bechtel 56

    Did the same but put it near the woodstove in the shop, the cold weather brings on a whole list of problems..

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  3. searbee
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    Don't forget to take out the valve stem so you can get large volume of air.

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  4. steves29
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    Screw with a tire on flat rate for an hour and anything that works is great.

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  5. blowby
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    from Nicasio Ca

    Lol, got that right! Nothing more satisfying than the pop of a stubborn bead finally set. Well sex, maybe. I've used ether for more years and tires than I can count. Guess I should quit. Along with the Blue Blazers and Cherries Jubilee.
  6. bodymanmp
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    well finally got the tires pumped up
    i used a bicycle inner tube between the tire bead and rim
    it was a pain in the ass but it worked
    pulled the tube out and the front side of tire was seated then had to pull the tire to the back side and got it to seat,glad thats done
    thanks for all the info guys !!!
  7. Boneyard51
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    There’s all the difference in the world in doing something as a hobby in your garage and making a living on the line. I sometimes have to laugh at some of the comments here, you can tell which guys have been in the trenches and which one haven’t......fairly easily.

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  8. Local tire shop installed my 285-70/15's on 10" wheels using a "Cheeta " air blaster..Made a helluva racket ,but did the trick...

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  9. If you have real magnesium wheels DO NOT USE SOAP as it will corrode the wheel. This is a copy of the warning that Ted put in every wheel box.Frank
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