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History The Wisconsin Special

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by miller91, May 21, 2009.

  1. Actually there was only 1 modification that was performed to the Wisconsin Special and that was performed on the cockpit. I had the thrill of my life when I not only got to see the car but sit in it. The owner of the car at that time was Tom Mittler and he brought the Wisconsin Special to Amelia Island in 3/2008 for The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance car show. Alot of my family came to the car show and we took pictures in the car and met Mr. Mittler and his mechanic. The car fired up and gracefully was driven across the greens in the car show, what a proud moment and I hope grandpa was smiling! Mr. Mittler passed away I believe in 2011 and his wife I guess still has posession of all of his race cars in two museums. Actually Mr. Mittler invited my dad to his museum in Michigian in 2005 and my dad finally got to see his fathers car since he was a little boy following his dad in the racing circuit.

  2. Bill,

    I will have to ask my dad as he literally has thousands of pictures and articles that my grandmother saved all of thoes years.
    Actually in 1921 Mable Cody and her famous flying circus contacted Sig when he was racing at the fair in Jacksonville. Mable wanted Sig to bring his Frontenac to Pablo Beach so she could do her byplane stunts ( wing walking) and land in Sig's car.
  3. gnichols
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    from Tampa, FL

    This is a great story and thread. But... did I miss something or are some of the photos and perhaps video links missing? Gary
  4. Well to tell the truth grandpa didn't belong to the AAA, he belong to the IMCA and was their star driver. In thoes days the IMCA was the biggest racing association and according to my father the AAA promoted certain races as did the IMCA. Grandpa was more or less labled as an " outlaw" because he wanted to do this his way and not be " bought" or play by certain rules. On April 6, 1922 he did set a new worlds record. Just becasue he didn't belong to the AAA dosent mean it didn't happen. The AAA didn't recogonize the record because Sig belonged to the IMCA. Furthermore in my research and speaking to my dad the record was sanctioned by the IMCA and to surpass any doubts the measured mile was ofically surveyed. There were electrical and timing devices as well as watched that were certified before and after the race and the run was deemed successful. There were added precautions that took place whereas a member of the official crew included a United States Senator and the Mayor of Daytona Beach. Again just because Sig didn't belong to a certain group such as the AAA dosent mean that the record didn't happen as eyewitnesses verified that Sig drove the Wisconsin Special to an undeniable 180.27 mph and was unquestionably authentic.

    As long as I live I will make sure that the truth about Sig is told and not what some groups (AAA) want to tell. How terrible is that where the first man in the world breaks a record and a certain group won't recogonize it becasue he wasn't a member, sounds like a conspiracy to me.

  5. Miller

    That is putting it nicely! Think about going 180.27 mph on sand in 1922 in an open cockpit car, wearing a suit, no roll bar, no fire suit with only goggles on and bitting down on a cuban cigar to keep his teeth from chattering??????
  6. Greaser57....

    Nope Sig was born in Tiller ( Verdal) , Norway and against his parents wishes came to the US on June 7, 1910 when he was 19 , landed in NY via the Cunard ship with $10.00 in his pocket and 1 suitcase. He was sponsored by his uncle and settled in St. Peter, MN. Then he moved to Albert Lea, MN. Unlike many immigrants of today Sig knew some english and was eager to learn and he only had a six grade education but built the fastest car in the world and it was aerodynamically sound. Way ahead of his years in technology.
    That was my hero, my grandpa!
  7. Buz

    Want to hear something funny..... grandpa had a contract withv Montgomery Ward in Chicago and they made a special price for Sig for Riverside Power Grip tire size 4.50-20 at $5.42 in October 1934. Funny!
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    Great story and picture's !!!!
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    SBS DC

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