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Art & Inspiration The Photoshop thread to end all Photoshop Threads!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Pair O' Dice, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. verde742
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    1. a veteran died today

    I STILL like it !!!
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  2. Unclebrad
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    Fun stuff going on here.
    Loved the 58 el camino and, when I saw the nomad roof, I thought it might translate into a nice el camino top.
    58-Chevel camino 2.jpg
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  3. madfish
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  4. Old6rodder
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    from SoCal
    1. HA/GR owners group

  5. What if Studebaker had gone to the Italians for some design ideas, around 1957, instead of just shovelling on more chrome?
    I was looking at the sort of thing Ferrari and Alfa were doing at the time.
    Stude copy.jpg
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  6. Unclebrad
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  7. Actually, it has been said that Studebaker was looking "German" in '55-'57.
    And Studebaker was the dealer for MB during this time.
    I think this front end looks excellent.
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  8. Didn´t know the Mercedes connection, so i guess that could explain that front end styling. I don´t know, I could probably quite like that front end if I'd never seen the '53. I just feel like they ruined it with the stuck on grille.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    James D,
    Well the '53 is very cool also!
    And in '53 NO other '53 American car looked modern after seeing the Stude!
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  10. And just for the fun of it......o_O

  11. Here's one I rescued from 37 year slumber.
    It took one month for me to realize it
    would take me too long to finish!
    I was lucky somebody wanted it 3 times more than I did!
    Just a maybe, I would like to see it "DONE", with just
    a set of torque thrusts, same color same body!
    If not it's OK, I can still dream!
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  12. I could add cars here all day.
    This should be easy for you guys!
    Leave everything as is.
    Just remove the rear door handle and move the rear cabin
    forward to meet the windshield and make it a 3 window coupe!
    Only if you are "feeling" it like I just did!
    Skärmavbild 2021-04-10 kl. 20.48.12.png
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  13. 1.jpg
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  14. madfish
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    Hawk 3.jpg
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  15. Moose, Cool!
    That Bugatti looks SO much more in proportion!
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  16. Not sure if you ever saw one of these cars but they are IMMENSE. The guy in the photo is standing in line with the front of the grille, not in the background.
  17. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Ya, saw one at ACD museum in Auburn Indiana. GIGANTIC!
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  18. Nothing mad. Keep it simple. Stude-2.jpg
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  19. Thinking of putting white walls on my 40. Could someone photoshop them on the wheels that are on it, and chrome wheels with the 40 caps?
    Much appreciated.

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  20. Here it is restored. I have now idea what the exact color is so I used white....

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  21. 1.jpg 2.jpg
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  22. Moose you NAILED it!
    It's now back on my bucket list!!!!!
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  23. Unclebrad
    Joined: Nov 19, 2018
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    Hope you don't mind me adding some color to see what it looks like with the two-tone paint scheme Moose. Not sure if the original was metallic or not, but I went with this since metallic would be way hard for me. Restored 2.jpg .
  24. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    You double, triple nailed it!
    The colors are perfect!
    My wife saw this and now she loves it too!
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  25. OahuEli
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    from Hawaii

    I think thats "Toss your cookies" green. Kermit might like it tho.
  26. Flamed48
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  27. Terrible

  28. UNSHINED 2
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    Ive just discovered this thread after all these years! I have to learn this, I wanna try the rear of a 58 Impala roof on a 57-60 F100 cab. No back glass.
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