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History The Larry Schroll Estate

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by IronTrap, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Glad they survived to be driven again........
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  2. Maybe “pseudo” was a poor choice of words.

    What I meant is that those 3 vehicles (i.e., the T-Bucket, ‘36 Chevy, & the ‘36 pickup) were built in a non-traditional hot rod style (i.e., a ‘70s Fad T & a couple of ‘80s Street Rods).

    I’m fully aware that ALL the vehicles I posted could certainly be built in a “traditional style” (i.e., H.A.M.B. friendly) ... that’s exactly why I took the time to post pics of them in this thread.

    I apologize if my choice of the word “pseudo” offended you.
  3. low down A
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    low down A

  4. I have seen it here locally as well. Its a brain thing. Similar to gambling. I am sure this dude was a good guy. But I wonder what was going through his mind each time he pulled the trigger on another car? Interesting study.
  5. IronTrap
    Joined: Jul 13, 2011
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    I think it has more to do with a distrust of the banking system. Alot of the older generations didn't trust banks due to the Depression. He could have been using his money to buy physical objects instead of it sitting in the bank. From all the stories we have heard he was quite an interesting man. His wife Helen passed away in 2019 and they had no children. The estate was placed in the hands of Helen's relatives
  6. This may help with your study. I can't get into anyone else's brain. But here's a look inside mine. I've enjoyed the hunt my whole life. I have hundreds of photos I took of old cars. I never had the money or storage to buy them. I often wonder how many ever survived? I Look at Larry as someone who wanted to save the all, and had FUN doing it. The day may come that my family would want to sell my collection. Hay, I had my fun! Now I'm leaving them something of value. { They can Sell them or Keep them } it's much better than leaving them nothing, or even a debt. Just my 2 cents.:) Ron......
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  7. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

    so, no auction dates given?
  8. IronTrap
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    They have auction dates. Sorry forgot to add the auctioneers info. July 11th will be the first 7 cars and some parts, toys and some other odds and ends. August 22nd will be all the early fords and hot/street rods. There are two auctions in the fall for the rest. The July and August auction will have online bidding as well

    Auctioneers website -
  9. Los_Control
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    from TX

    C'mon Matt give up the dates! :p You did post them on your youtube video the other day ... should put them here or edit your first post and add them there.

    Oooops never mind you posted while I was writing :)
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  10. Nostrebor
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    I've been following along on the videos. It was funny watching your reaction yesterday when you found the trunk full of speed parts! I've also enjoyed watching you bring that 34 back to life.

    I have known several men like Larry, who bought up a lot of old cars and just set on them. All of them were pleasant to be around, hard working, had interesting lives... and never really got around to doing anything with more than a fraction of their collection. I look at it this way... they gathered them all up in one place, and saved me a lot of leg work hunting them down.:D
  11. NWRustyJunk
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    Life goals! These collections always amaze me!
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  12. 19Fordy
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    Just think, there's many collections like that across the USA.
    God Bless Mr. Schroll.
    No doubt his cars gave him consolation.
  13. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    Nice to have the Real Estate.
    Mine was foreclosed on by a 'guardian/conservator' my Mom entrusted to see to it my brother, sister and self got to keep Grandma's house and property. (1/2 acre in Silicon Valley) I was 17, sister was 13, brother was 9.
    Guardian had power of att'y, I had notice to clear property in 30 days.
    '32 frames, (nice Gennies, no rust) and too much to list...Never saw any $$, bitch had lawyers galore...
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  14. Mr48chev
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    A collection that turned into a hoard? I'd have to say yes but as mentioned earlier the majority were bought pretty cheap when a lot of similar cars may have been driven across the scales at the scrap yard or turned into "winter" cars.
    I'd say that if you talked to older locals who had been in the area for quite a while he was probably know as the guy who would buy your somewhat interesting car for cash if you needed cash.
    The good thing is that they are being pulled out a few at a time and being sold and then another batch being pulled out and sold rather than having them all drug out at once and many of them probably going for scrap price. I went to an auction up here a few years ago that had over 100 cars and the auctioneer was more interested in how fast he could get done than what he was selling was worth and you either figure that some guys got some bargains or the owner got screwed.
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  15. I have to agree. It's nice that he preserved all the cars, but all that mess and all the nice stuff covered with garbage, bags, spares and whatever does not look like a happy collection.
    I had an uncle who had been collecting old radios, tin toys and all kind of cool stuff since the 1950s. When it became more difficult to find such things he started collecting everything that he got cheap or for free. In the end all the cool stuff was buried under cables, bulbs, newspapers, 1980s radios and other worthless things. It's a thin line between comprehensive collecting and sick hoarding.
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  16. Take it easy Dale...
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  17. IronTrap
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    Larry's cars were split between two locations. At some point around the 70s he purchased this old service station and used that to house his car collection. The house Larry owned only had a 2 car garage attached to the house and Im sure that was full. As the collection grew he (and the township gave him trouble) he kept expanding to keep the cars under roof. The service station has an apartment overhead but the family never remembers him renting it to anyone. They did how ever find parts stashed up there. We filmed a full walk around showing each of the cars in this building in more detail. From the records Larry kept these are some the cars he has owned the longest, including the 32 from 1963. The attached photos are of the photos Larry took when we brought some of the cars home and a few of the records the family has. This Friday Mike @Mhamm will be doing some more filming and will try to get some more photos of the records he kept.
    ITG-273.jpg ITG-217.jpg ITG-221.jpg ITG-203.jpg
  18. Got to give the guy some credit. Unlike most hoarders, he at least rolled the windows up.
  19. stuart in mn
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    stuart in mn

    Geez, some of you guys would complain if you hung with a new rope. :rolleyes:

    If Larry hadn't bought those cars and parts and stored them away, they may have been lost forever (and you wouldn't have a chance to buy them now.)

    Matt, I've been following your videos and enjoy them very much. It's great that you're able to help out the family with sorting and identifying things in preparation for the auctions.
  20. beegator
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    Rest in eternal peace Sir and THANK YOU for your service. The cars are fabulous and were a great investment, and the heirs are lucky. Love the trucks.
  21. "Larry worked hard his entire life at a local paper mill, working 7 days a week."
  22. thirtytwo
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    People enjoy things differently ,don’t forget there are a bunch of people out there that think it’s absolutely stupid to build a 324 olds when for the same money you could have a LS with a turbo... lot of people just like looking at their stuff

    I’ve got to the point I hate car shows... no realistic reason I mess with cars anymore , but I still do what makes sense to you might not to someone else
  23. IronTrap
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    This was huge. We couldn't believe the condition of some of the cars interiors.
  24. Nostrebor
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    Any guy that will put in 7 days at a paper mill, gets my respect. I have visited exactly 1 paper mill, and have never been to a more nasty smelling place in my life.
  25. Ebbsspeed
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    So some of the cars have already been sold before the first auction date, or has there been an auction before the one scheduled for July 11th?

    "We tracked down the previous owners for the 32 and 34 I was able to purchase from the estate."

    "Some of the more “HAMB-friendly" cars that were/are part of the Estate Sale:"
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  26. There's much more to life ...
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  27. IronTrap
    Joined: Jul 13, 2011
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    I was able to buy the 32 and 34 tudor from the estate. We have been helping the identity and organize parts and helping promote the auctions through our YouTube channel.
  28. As far as Larry's cars and the way they were found after his passing - we never have as much time as we think we slips away
  29. trikejunkie
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    from Scotland

    Why the downer on Internationals?mine has a 327 and 60`s Nova running gear-8ft bed to fit my Indian in (if I want to go testing) and so much nicer looking than Chey`s or Fords of the same era-oh and made of proper thick steel too! sheenas camera.jpg
  30. Spoken like a true parent of a homely child. ;)

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