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The Kontinentals Cruising Paradise in Hawaii

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by beatnikontinental, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread with some updates on this epic roadtrip. Hawaii Classic Cruisers puts on the Cruising Paradise show every three years out on the Big Island. El Jefe has gone out for the last two shows, once in his 57 Caddy and once with his 51 Merc. Seeing his pictures and hearing stories from him about all the great folks he's gotten to know out there - we decided we had to make the trip too, since Hawaii is our favorite place in the world. This time he is bringing the 41 Mercury custom and his wife's 65 Falcon wagon, and I'm bringing my 29 sedan "The Jewel" - having our cars and our families out here for the show is just amazing.

    So, a bit of back story- step one was getting the cars to the island - we drove out from Austin, El Jefe hauled the Merc and the wagon behind his 56 Ford 350 car hauler - it's one impressive rig going down the road:

    I drove the sedan, and Lee Pratt was along for ride too because once we dropped the cars off in Long Beach, we were heading up to Santa Maria for the West Coast Customs show

    Long story short - we had some fuel system issues on the way out, but managed to get it sorted out and got out to California - survived a flat on the car dolly, an emergency e-brake installation so it could get on the boat (Circle City Hot Rods to the rescue!) and other challenges overcome - suffice it to say they finally all made it on the boats in the end



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  2. Cut to earlier this week - we arrived and picked up our cars in Hilo. El Jefe's wife's wagon is good to go, but the battery in my car and his are dead as a doornail on arrival. The girls jump in the wagon and head off to have fun, while we are off to source a couple of new batteries to get us going again. Easy enough, yeah? The local NAPA has one for Steve's Merc, but the battery in the sedan is a very small and specific model that fits underneath the car. We finally get the right battery at a nearby Interstate Battery place - and the guy that helps us out is from Houston! Small world indeed...

    NAPA guys were great - making some new friends right away in the parking lot

    Some local color hanging out at the parts store - welcome to Hawaii!

    Up and rolling again

    a couple of Texans stopping in Honokaa at Tex Drive In - home of the best malasadas (Portuguese fried doughy goodness)

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  3. Cleaning up to get the funk off from the ride over. Hot rods and Hibiscus - The Jewel looks right at home in Hawaii.


    Then cruise back to Hilo to pick up our registration - it's just incredible being able to roll down the roads out here in the old cars - it's lush and green on the rainy side over here


  4. Met a bunch of folks at registration, but talked to folks more than I took photos. The locals out here are incredibly welcoming, and lots of great characters I'm starting to get to know - some really nice rides. A few other folks made it over from the mainland, and everyone was happy to see a couple of crazy guys from Texas. Lots of inter-island folks too, a good number came over from Maui


    Local knife maker George Gibo's good looking 32 pickup



    Sedan-ville! Full fendered longroofs lining up in Hilo


    Kontinentals representing!
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  5. Towards the end of the evening - I had the pleasure of meeting Alvin Yanagihara, a WW2 vet, 4 months shy of 90 years old - he built this great looking '32 roadster, the "Yanagihara Special" back in 1954, and the local paper ran a story on him. He's sitting in the car and that's his older brother standing next to it (who is also still going). He sold it in 1957 - "Big mistake..." he said. That '32 3window coupe above it was his too - photographed on the road next to a marker of the site of the 1935 eruption of Mauna Loa. I'm learning some great Hawaii hotrod history firsthand out here, and I want to see the rest of the photos in that book!


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  6. Little cruise into Kona this evening to the McDonalds there - took a few more shots tonight


    Great looking farm truck, like it just came from the dealer



  7. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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    I will chime in also, but am really enjoying Brian's take and experience his first time at the show. Got to hook up w many old friends that I haven't seen in three years and everyone seems well. My great friend Al Pacheco is unfortunately under the weather and hopefully will have a speedy recovery from a stroke he had two weeks ago. Al is one of the key players in the hot rod scene on the Big Island and a friend of all and many thoughts and prayers are w him for a speedy recovery.
    Since we are on the dry side for this part of the show, decided to remove the Carson top and roll topless. IMAG1025.jpg IMAG1016.jpg
  8. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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    Gabby's 65 wagon makes a perfect hat rack IMAG1015_1.jpg
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  9. 56premiere
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    from oregon

    Looks like you guys are having fun.
  10. gnichols
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    from Tampa, FL

    I'd love to make a trip like yours some day. Wow. Any recommendations on a shipper? How about inter-island ferries to Maui or Oahu? Thanx for the pix and tips. Gary
  11. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, I don't think I'd want to leave. :)
  12. Good for you guys - building a pair of fantastic cars then not being afraid to ship them out and run'um - enjoying them to the hilt - that's what it's all about. And your pics are inspiring too!
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  13. What a great adventure! Thanks for posting the pics from a fabulous trip. Love the paint job on that lizard.:D
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  14. Wow....awesome Kontinentals put the miles on..
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  15. Jay71
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    Cool!!! Would love to do this! Thanks for sharing.
  16. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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    IMAG1022.jpg A few more from the park and hang on Thursday night. 65 F250 was amazing restoration.
  17. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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    IMAG1021.jpg IMAG1020.jpg IMAG1018.jpg IMAG1017.jpg
    Lotsa color in the islands on the local cars. All very well and meticulous builds and as I have noted before at this show, the Hawaiians are real speed merchants. Lotsa big blocks and blowers out here.
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  18. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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    Even the dune buggies are hopped up. There is a large faction of guys out here that are into old VW's and some really amazing early 60's models on the island but that's for another time and website
    IMAG1024_1.jpg IMAG1023.jpg
  19. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    very Cool - Aloha
  20. Show & shine in Waikaloa at the Queens Market - beautiful sunny day and a good turnout.

    The Jewel power parking, hiding out in the Naupaka




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  21. Rust never sleeps, especially on an island. This 51 Hudson looks like it's been a long time resident.





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  22. Looks like the trip of a lifetime.Thanks for the pictures.
  23. rtsidejohnny
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  24. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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    Ok here's some more from the show and shine at Queens Marketplace at Waikaloa on Saturday IMAG1105_BURST002_COVER.jpg IMAG1098.jpg
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  25. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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  26. Wow, keep them coming. Lived over there for three years, making me think I need to plan one of these trips soon myself (actually two! If I tell my wife her first trip to Hawaii is gonna be to a car show, there's gonna be HELL to pay! )!!!

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  27. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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  28. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
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