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Thanks to all who served and are serving

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ventura Nationals, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Ventura Nationals
    Joined: Jul 11, 2012
    Posts: 103

    Ventura Nationals
    from Ventura

    All of us at the Ventura Nationals would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of those who have served or are currently serving this great country. We wouldn't be able to enjoy this Independence Day if it wasn't for you!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

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  2. Jalopy Joker
    Joined: Sep 3, 2006
    Posts: 27,228

    Jalopy Joker

    X2 = Thanks - lot's of them are car nuts too.
  3. Thank you I know I am a "Vet" but I don't consider myself one.What I do ask is that you all read the following and understand were our nation came from no politics just facts here.

    Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

    Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.

    Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

    Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

    They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they?

    Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

    Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

    Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

    Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Rutledge, and Middleton. At the battle of Yorktown , Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire.

    The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt. Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

    John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.

    So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots. It's not much to ask for the price they paid. Remember: freedom is never free!

    It's time we get the word out that patriotism is NOT a sin, and the Fourth of July has more to it than beer, picnics, and baseball games. A single moment of understanding can flood a whole life with meaning. ~LM
  4. Bart78
    Joined: May 11, 2011
    Posts: 717


    I have allways wondered why Independence Day is the only holiday mostly called by its day of the month. We don't call Christmas December 25th. I feel sometime it has become just a day off from work.

  5. Deuce Daddy Don
    Joined: Apr 27, 2008
    Posts: 5,192

    Deuce Daddy Don

    Best you read up on our nations history!
  6. Bart78
    Joined: May 11, 2011
    Posts: 717


    Why read up on our nations history?
  7. daddio211
    Joined: Aug 26, 2008
    Posts: 6,002


    Thank you Jerome for posting that AND for your service. Thanks to all other service men and women for making, and keeping, us safe.

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  8. As stirring and patriotic as that is, it is an old myth and is about 99% false.
  9. tfeverfred
    Joined: Nov 11, 2006
    Posts: 15,792

    Member Emeritus

    Are we REALLY going to have a debate about the validity of information regarding the founding fathers? Really?
  10. jfg455
    Joined: Apr 22, 2011
    Posts: 171

    from NH

    Yes. Due to the fact that some of us fought for the freedom to express or post info on whatever topic you chose be it false, true or somewhere in between. So argue away! I will be enjoying my picnic! lol :D

    Thanks to all who have or are still serving.
  11. Fenders
    Joined: Sep 8, 2007
    Posts: 3,922


    No, we are not. The facts are out there for those who take the time to find them:

    This thread is thanks to those who served. My grandson just came back from his second tour in Afghanistan, sent there at the behest of our country. To him, and all others who served: Thanks.
  12. daddio211
    Joined: Aug 26, 2008
    Posts: 6,002


    Fenders, please tell our grandson my family says thank you!!!

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  13. When it is a effin' lie, yes we are. There is plenty of factual information out there without relying on myth and bullshit. The founding fathers were patriots and heroes in their own right and if they were alive today, they would take umbrage at that crock of half truths. And, yes, I vote and am a combat veteran, so I have earned the right to speak my peace.
    Before someone brings it up, Abraham Lincoln was not a vampire hunter:D
  14. Did my time, 1970 -1974.

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  15. OldColt
    Joined: Apr 7, 2013
    Posts: 504


    You're very welcome. --- Steve, USAF 1967-1973 ---
  16. yup, me too. 1/1 Delta company RVN 67-68
    Doc HM2
  17. paulvujb
    Joined: Jul 4, 2013
    Posts: 4

    from new your

    I feel sometime it has become just a day off from work.[​IMG]
  18. Bandit24
    Joined: Jul 10, 2012
    Posts: 23

    from Tennessee

    I appreciate the Thank You. I was with the 281st AHC and Project Delta in RVN 69-70 flying a hot-rod Huey:)
  19. From one "Doc" to another "Doc", FMF Corpsman, much respect from a "Medical Assistant 031-2", like you guys the title truly does not fit the job!!

    Edit: Sorry I missed your post, Carl La Fong another "Doc", with just as much respect!
    Man 3 of us posting in such a short time, kinda freaky!

    Cheers fellas.

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2013
  20. kyvetteman
    Joined: May 13, 2012
    Posts: 760


    A heartfelt thank you to all here who have served or are serving our country. I come from a long line of veterans all the way back to the American Revolution and am grateful for every one. My son currently serves in the United States Navy and has made me one proud papa. Happy Independence Day everyone!
  21. 64LeSabre455
    Joined: Dec 29, 2007
    Posts: 779

    from Adkins, Tx

    From one "Doc" to another! Thank you for your service!

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  22. oldwagonlover
    Joined: Jul 5, 2008
    Posts: 233


    I am thankful for all those who serve and protect us, from the miltary to the local police.
    Those who serve are protecting the rights of us and our nation.
    We have lost family members who have served - I respect the decision of all of those who put there lives on the line to serve and protect all of us & our rights.
  23. haring
    Joined: Aug 20, 2001
    Posts: 2,335


    I am in USAF tech school for vehicle mechanics at Port Hueneme, and just might be able to get off base for the Ventura Nationals, so thanks for posting! I am currently in my initial training phase, so I'm confined to base and uniform for the next few weeks. I'll look forward to getting out and seeing some west coast cars.
  24. what makes the information that you have on the founding fathers so correct??? I hate when people get butt hurt on this site it happens all the time and changes the topic
  25. k9racer
    Joined: Jan 20, 2003
    Posts: 3,091


    65 to 71.. SEA 66/67/68/........... E5. .....DD 214 and DD256
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2013
  26. A. See post # 11
    B. Click on the link
    C. Read the article
    D. Note the sources listed at the bottom
    E. Always check the validity of information before posting it as fact
    F. You're the only one who's butt hurt

    Thanks for serving your country and mine
  27. What makes that link valid?Who is to say that is not false?
  28. tfeverfred
    Joined: Nov 11, 2006
    Posts: 15,792

    Member Emeritus

    Seven sources is pretty strong, but they should have also listed how many were crooks, rum runners and drunks. Interestingly, heavy taxes were implemented to pay for the debts of the war.

    But the posts did stray from the subject matter. It happens in forums.
  29. ^^^^^ Thats the point I was trying to make about the butt hurt. The real point is to remember why we celebrate Independance Day. To many people for get that and while some of my post may have been false the overall portions is what the founding fathers had to endure and risk to give us the freedoms we all enjoy today. Thats the point I was trying to make thats it. I'm done I will say no more on this subject. A little over a month and I'll be home working on my Model A!!!!!!!!
  30. Ventura Nationals
    Joined: Jul 11, 2012
    Posts: 103

    Ventura Nationals
    from Ventura

    Please shoot us a PM. Ill make it a point to get you a ride to and from base and it will be in a bitchen car guaranteed!!! Thank you for your service!!!!

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