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Straight 6 Pipes...question.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Mai Ki-Ki, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Doing up my straight six, just mild engine, always sounded ok with extractors and 2 inch exhaust...BUT was wondering, since Im redoing the entire exhaust is there a better sounding system....i know split manifolds seperate the front 3 and the rear 3 cylinders for a good sound. (yeah?)
    So would reworking my extractors into twin 1.5 inch exhausts offer a better sound (as well as more ground clearance...)...?

    just wondering what ppl have done...



  2. roaddevil
    Joined: Mar 23, 2001
    Posts: 339


    I have done both stock manifold with 2 1/4" pipe and a glass pack that was pretty healthy sounding. That car was so low i tucked all the exhasut up in the frame. It had great let-off-the-trottle bubble.
    I did one with a spilt exhaust manifold that ran front3 rear 3. On i think it was 1 7/8" pipe i think that the pipe was a bit small it cracked like hell but had a real cool sound a bit on the high pitched end. Both were 235's. honestly i felt like i got better power and sound from the single but i might have been just to motor or the moon was in the right phase or some other factor. I have found but just screwing around the more tailpipe after the glasspack the more throat and bubble you get.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks...hmm..maybe I'll just screw around with the single setup...looking at running it dead straight from the extractors back, under the rear axle with a removable section..the lowering job will not leave roo above the axle...thanks...

  4. johnnygringo
    Joined: Oct 2, 2003
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    from Nashville

    im running the split manifold to str8 lakes

    the sound is phenomenal and i def gained a few hp that i could feel in the pedal

    the "bubble" when you let off the gas shakes em up for sure

    dont even need a horn

  5. kustomclassics
    Joined: Apr 10, 2004
    Posts: 368


    I just did some pipes on my 51 chevy I used 1 1/2" pipe and it raps great, also a little pointer if you get pulled over by the "man" for noise ,when he asks you to rev up the engine pull out the choke and it kills the rap enough so he'll let you go.
  6. fc ute
    Joined: Mar 7, 2001
    Posts: 166

    fc ute

    mai-ki-ki, how far are you lowering it?
    my fc ute sits on the bump stops and i still have room to run a pipe over the diff.
    i run a red motor with 186s split cast iron headers that join to one pipe about under the front floor and runs through one muffler all the way to the back and exits just before the back bumper.
    i get that real nice burble when i back off.
    when i had the exhaust done i took it to a guy that has a drive on hoist, you need this so that the car sits at ride hieght, and i just told him that i wanted to drive it everyday and i dont want to scrape it on anything. he did a beatiful job and followed the contour of the floor.
    i have used my ute everyday for the last 4 years and i still havnt scraped anything [​IMG]
  7. you get the best sound with open header
  8. I'm getting ready to do an exhaust on my pickup with a 250 in it. I asked this same question awhile back and got alot of different answers. The best one was to run 1 inch exhaust all the way back with no mufflers and VW Bug "tweeter pipe" tail pipe tips. This is what all the vatos use on their Bombas to get "that sound". You rev up and let off the gas and they pop and crackle like krazy!

    Aren't inlines fun?

  9. SpeedRacer2002
    Joined: Jan 11, 2002
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    i know this sounds stupid but my 63 moor door i had i put two on one side and 4 out the other side it sounded real funny..... loud as hell out the lake pipes when u pop it in second gear at 55mph also.... dad said to stretch piano wire tight in the tips of the exhaust also and u can break out windows or some shit like that....
  10. FC ute...sits on the bump stops as well atm. [​IMG]..looking at about 2 inch C cut to the chassis so I can run it a tiny bit lower...How close to the undeside of the floor is your pipe running? (is it 2"?). Cos obviously over the rear would be a bit more sensible. [​IMG]

    Love your ute by the way!



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