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Spy photos from don garlits museum(semi o/t)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by slayer, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. First off I have to thank my dad for bringing me these pictures right after him and my mom got back from there trip to florida. Dad tells me about the day at the museum as we look at the pictures. On there way into the museum he hears the distinct sound of a nitro dragster. So off he goes, following the smell of nitro until he finds a crew working on a dragster. He takes a couple pictures and continues into the museum, forgeting all about it till he is showing me the pictures. Looking at the pictures we both notice this is no normal dragster, or at least not a normal engine in it. It has a new hemi in it, as in a 5.7!Cool thing is there is no computer controals on this one. Check out the cam driven magnito. I would love to here what this is all about, so if anybody has some info please share it.

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  2. hotrod mike
    Joined: Nov 21, 2006
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    hotrod mike

    I drove by there last Monday and all I saw was the Bar-B-Q grille smoking.:( Would have been cooler to see the dragster. Seems like there's always some cool shit out there. Mike
  3. publicenemy1925
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    from OKC, OK

    Don is the drag racing innovater of all time.
  4. Nothing OT about that.

  5. BigRed390
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    That's interesting, and not the least bit off topic.
    Wonder what he's up to.....Or when we'll see it again.
  6. ANewBeat
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    from Floriduh

    How about some larger pictures so we can actually see the motor? It seems kinda silly to put a "new" motor in an "outdated" chassis. I do remember Big wearing a "5.7 HEMI" hat at the Gator Nationals though.
  7. NoSurf
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    Maybe they are getting tuned up for the HAMB Drags?
  8. Now that would RULE!!!
  9. Jdee
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    When I was there a few weeks ago he was putting window rubber in his 40.
    He stays busy thats for sure.
  10. I would love to post biger pictures but for some reason that size is as large as I can post them. The original pictures are huge. I will email them to someone in original size if you think you can post them. Here is pic i tried to zoom in a little.

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  11. chevy348
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    from Ohio

    I think Ohio George is right there with him.
  12. rjgideon
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  13. the shadow
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    the shadow

    I hope there just test pipes on that engine cause if they aint there the worst loking zoomies I've ever seen!:eek:
  14. 5.7, new 392 crate? Six of one half a dozen of the other. What ever the displacment is I seriously doubt the internals are stock with it running on nitro with a blower! Here's a better try at the pictures.

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  15. I just read that he put a modern 392 in a dragster, but the pics of that car had a full body on it. Don Garlits is my hero

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