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Art & Inspiration Sitting and Rotting.............picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Royalshifter, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. I would love to have a 57 Buick post car.
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  2. Some rusting English tin in a nearby town. JW
  3. '56 or '57 Chevy pickup
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  4. Early/Mid 50s GMC or Chevy COE
  5. '56 Ford panel truck
  6. This one hurts! '57 Pontiac 2 door post

  7. Another "hurty" - Looks like a Chevy sedanette but couldn't get close enough to confirm.
  8. Some random pics I've taken over the years, most of these are gone now.

    signs 006.jpg misc 006.jpg fff 003.jpg
  9. nightmoves
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    As I scroll through this thread, I can't help but say... Wow... Man... Look at this ! But as the old cliche' goes...
    ' You can't save 'em all ! ' but one can only dream....

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  10. 1953 Caddy.
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  11. The Chevy pickup that Raceron posted is either a second series '55 or a '56. Can't tell which without the hood and fender emblems. Fender emblems are the same for '55 and '56, but they mount below the ridge of the fender on a '55 and above the ridge on a '56. '57 has a different grille, this truck has the '55-'56 grille.
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  12. triman62
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    The mounting holes on the fender are below the ridge on that truck. looks like someone removed emblems from all the cars and trucks in that yard.
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  13. s55mercury66
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    from SW Wyoming

    20171016_184301.jpg This one is getting some love over the winter. 20171016_190143.jpg
  14. scotts52
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  15. Los_Control
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    from TX

  16. scotts52
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    ^^^ I'm planning on tracking down the owner. It doesn't look like it's cared too much for. No hood, open carb. I'd have to do a heart transplant for sure. ^^^
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  17. s55mercury66,

    Nice find on the NAPCO!.. if you're looking for a brush guard, I can help you out :D
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  18. That Plymouth car/truck is wild! Hope you can save would have a true one of a kind!

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  19. that 46-8 Plymouth truck, always fasinated with car/truck conversions from back when,'s a few Plymouths that are all history as of last Fall...
    putnams yard 11-5-16 017.jpg putnams yard 11-5-16 025.jpg putnams yard 11-5-16 026.jpg putnams yard 11-5-16 142.jpg putnams yard 11-5-16 146.jpg putnams yard 11-5-16 096.jpg putnams yard 11-5-16 053.jpg putnams yard 11-5-16 054.jpg
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  20. Early Ironman
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    Early Ironman

    My dad had one of these when I was a kid. It was the only car he had with an automatic transmission.
    His main daily driver was a 54 Chevy with a Corvette 327 and a stiff clutch.
    One day he was taking a friend to lunch in the Plymouth. He was so used to pushing in the stiff clutch when approaching a stop sign. He stabbed the wide brake pedal instead. This caused said friend to get friendly with the dashboard.
    He was upset but understood the mistake.
    Then a few more stop signs later he did the same thing.
    Said friends understanding was no longer available after a second encounter with the old Plymouth’s dashboard

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  21. Peanut 1959
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    Peanut 1959

  22. Squablow
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    That's exactly what my first reaction was, too.
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  23. Here's a few I saw this past weekend. I took all the back roads to the Good Guys at Charlotte N.C. I thought of rusty 1 when I spotted these. 20171019_161608.jpg 20171019_161631.jpg 20171019_161557.jpg 20171019_161644.jpg

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