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Customs Shorten a Driveshaft

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by GTO 1, May 1, 2017.

  1. You shorten the torque tube and remove the drive shaft and do the same.

    I am trying to remember but it seems like some of them had a solid drive shaft like an axle that could be cut off and re-splined and others were tubular that had to be cut and welded like a normal drive shaft.
  2. Nocero
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    I disagree
    If you are a competent welder, pay attention to detail, and have a dial indicator.
    It can be easily done. It's not magic.
    If someone doesn't have the confidence, ability, or needs the peace of mind by all means take it to a pro.
    We're talking about shortening one end of a known good driveshaft for a driver not building one for a purpose built race car far different things

    I would however recommend balancing to anyone doing it themselves.
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  3. Poh
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    from Quincy,Ca.

    This is what I use..

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  4. dreracecar
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    from so-cal

    Wow , some people posting have really big lathes at their disposal or really short drive shafts
  5. LOL when I was still working I had access to a lathe with a 10 foot bed ( I don't remember what the throw was). Pretty easy to do a 7' drive shaft although I don't remember ever needing one that long (short stroke, short wheelbase LOL).

    before the world became all scientific we used to cut 'em on the driveway. Tubing cutter made a pretty straight cut and the yolk plugged back into the tube. I don't recommend it but it worked for us.
  6. Disregard o/t HD ..Only pic I have.
    I bought an old Leblond to do converters on . It happened to have a long bed on it, which I didn't see as a problem. Think I paid $1000 for it .I put a 220 motor on it for home use. Only thing I couldn't do is reverse it to make threads. No problem.
    Bought an import centering chuck, and had to adapt a tool post. It came with a nice steady rest. Only problem with doing drive shafts was lifting the the tail stock off if I was alone. Used to use the engine hoist.
    Had to sell the thing when I sold my house last year.I sold it to a buddy at a hot rod shop.
    I made a ton of money with that ol' thing.
    If you've got room, I'd recommend a long bed. You never know. Makes cleaning up a long piece a lot easier too.

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