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Shipping a gas tank

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by oldnuts, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. oldnuts
    Joined: Jan 14, 2009
    Posts: 355

    from nebraska

    Is there a safe way to ship a used fuel tank. Tank hasn't been used but has been sealed in about a year. Is there a way to rid it of the gas fumes so it's not so dangerous to ship?
  2. fordpatina
    Joined: May 12, 2012
    Posts: 1,321


    this is what I do, I cover the whole tank with bubble wrap and then put in a box I never had any issues I use fedex simple as that
  3. 5window
    Joined: Jan 29, 2005
    Posts: 8,747


    Well, that conceals what you're shipping, but it sure doesn't eliminate your liability if there is a problem. Plus, is it really fair to expose the shippers to potential problems/illness or do you just not care?

    I'd suggest finding someone with an open trailer who will haul it for you-even someone with a pickup. Best, in all cases, to be upfront about what you are shipping. A commercial steam cleaning service might be be to clear it out for you-I would think there'd still be some liability-in 2013
  4. Shipping a "used" fuel tank is illegal if not disclosed. However if it is disclosed it more than likely won't get shipped.

  5. Beau
    Joined: Jul 2, 2009
    Posts: 1,884


    Yeah, they won't ship a tank if you tell them it's a used gas tank.
  6. Flipper
    Joined: May 10, 2003
    Posts: 3,342

    from Kentucky

    Yeah it has to be labeled as hazardous and shipped as such. Shipping it through normal shipping without disclosure is equivalent to committing an act of terrorism thanks to some of the post 9/11 regulations.

    It's stupid money to ship one via a haz mat courier.
  7. milkmankael
    Joined: Feb 18, 2004
    Posts: 150


    I've shipped a couple of used gas tanks and a couple of test measures for testing the calibration of gas pumps. Each time, I was told that they could not have any fuel odor to them. I drained them completely. I then sloshed an ammonia & water mix through the tank a few times. Because I can't stand the smell of ammonia, I followed with a mix of orange scented degreaser & water. Let it drain, repeat. After 2 days I was comfortable enough with the lack of odor that I brought them into the house to package them. My wife is hypersensitive to smells and she allowed me to package them in the living room. I clearly disclosed the contents of the packages with zero problems. The test measures were shipped via UPS/ Fed Ex at the requirement of the company receiving them. The gas tanks were shipped via UPS & Greyhound.

    Hope this helps.

  8. sport fury
    Joined: Jul 25, 2009
    Posts: 593

    sport fury

    too bad it could not be strapped to the bottom of the shipping truck. let them then tell you why thats not safe.
  9. alittle1
    Joined: Feb 26, 2005
    Posts: 314


    I would just make sure that any vapors of gasoline were gone, don't seal the filler, allow it to be 'open to the air', put the tank in a carton and ship it.

    There are too many nay-sayers and tree-huggers around that will say you are endangering the environment, your fellow man, carbon footprint, etc. Just do it and get the tank to where it has to go.
  10. A fuel tank that is used and removed from a vehicle becomes
    a hazmat load for shipping purposes.

    It has to be carried by a vehicle displaying hazmat placards.

  11. From time to time sell cdn. scepter brand military fuel cans the heavy duty GI plastic type. 'Only brand new ones' as they have to cross the border. BUT fwiw I see a tonne of guys selling used ones all over the usa and they are all being shipped for cheap so non disclosed or ?? I personally won't sell used ones for the reason that fumes are highly explosive and you just never know.
  12. oldnuts
    Joined: Jan 14, 2009
    Posts: 355

    from nebraska

    A fellow hambr want the tank And I'd like to sell it to him to help him but i want to do it legally and safe. I'll try to do the ammonia and water mix and let it sit out side for a few days. Thanks guys
  13. mixedupamx
    Joined: Dec 2, 2006
    Posts: 513


    couple years ago I shipped a built in type boat fuel tank from Illinois to Maryland via ups. I just made sure it was empty and put in some stabil fuel treatment and sealed it with rubber hoses with plugs, hose clamped over the fill and outlet, boxed it and sent it with no problem.
  14. j.r. Nice
    Joined: Sep 23, 2008
    Posts: 90

    j.r. Nice

    A tip I learned from a buddy: Run a suitable hose from your exhaust pipe to the tank. Let it run 5 minutes and the fumes are non-lethal.

    It works. I generated a lot of sparks and open flames around my old Econoline tank. I'm still here.
  15. roughneck424
    Joined: Jan 10, 2009
    Posts: 1,084


    Might not help with any of the legal issues.

    Remove every fitting.
    Rinse several times with dawn & water.
    Rinse once with muriatic acid and water solution. Cleans out everything.
    Set it out in the sun for a day or two.
  16. Try a H.A.M.B. relay
  17. 53 COE
    Joined: Oct 8, 2011
    Posts: 688

    53 COE
    from PNW

    That sounds the best and most fun - or the dude could buy a new one from TANKS.

  18. It's just like me trying to ship one shot sign paint,,legally I can't because I don't have a license to ship hazardous materials.

    I had a bunch of hambers wanting to buy my stock when I closed my business but when I went to ship it with UPS,FedEx or USPS the Shite hit the fan when ask what I am shipping,,lie to them and you are liable if anything happens.

    I refunded everybody their money but one guy insisted that bought a bunch of it and offered to pay shipping,,I had to carry the box of paint to a trucking terminal in Greenville,South Carolina and it ended costing the guy almost 80 bucks.

    They had a Hazmat license and shipped it under there license. HRP
  19. TR Waters
    Joined: Nov 18, 2006
    Posts: 1,439

    TR Waters
    from Vermont
    1. Early Hemi Tech

    Kind of strange, because not that long ago I used to be a dealer for race gas. At that time, you could carry up to five 55 gallon drums with no 1203 placards.

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