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Event Coverage Sanford Maine drags in the 60's

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by buford36, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. 32Chevy vett
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    32Chevy vett

    I will have to look into getting my DVD copied. If i can i will make you a copy.
    That 427 A/FX had a valley cover under the intake. Unlike any chevy I had ever seen.
    I have film on the Speed Sport Roadster. But I don't think its on the DVD.
  2. SOLO
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    I like the 8th pic of the Model A. Cool! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Angry Frenchman
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    Angry Frenchman

    thank you! great pics
  4. Church Key
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    Church Key

    Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to view these great photos. I wish I could have gone to Sanford to see the action first hand, but was born too late. A lot of these racers continued to race at New England Dragway in the late sixties and seventies when I was a kid, so I got to know many of them. With nostalgia races at NED and event like the Winter Drag Fest, I still get to see many of my old friends several times a year. I am enjoying all the stories people have been adding to this thread, please keep them coming...
  5. Church Key
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    Church Key

    A lot of people have mentioned that blown Model A, picture # 093. That is John Hoven from Chocituate, MA. He would later move to California and run a AA/FA Way, Hoven and Okazaki. He then switched to the more lucrative funny cars.
  6. flash
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    Awesome historical pics...thanks so much for posting!
  7. gonzo
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    Bad ass! Thanks a lot for posting these.
  8. Surfer ED
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    Surfer ED

    Great Photos Thank You for sharing, I was there a lot of the days pictured.

    My first races ever was June 1964, Sanford Maine. Don Garlits was supposed to run a best of 3 with Art Malone, but stiff cross winds forced Malone into the top end timing lights and destroyed his front end in round 1. Totally un-advertised, "Sneaky" Pete Robinson had turned up to challange Malone for the #8 spot on Drag News. Instead he ran Garlits using his controversal jack stand starting system. Needless to say, I was hooked for life,and was back in 2 weeks to see Ivo match race A&B Speed Shop.

    Was there ever an A&B Speed Shop or was it just the name of the giant killer fuel dragster?
    <!-- / message -->
  9. dreracecar
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    from so-cal

    Anybody have info of the car on #223? looks to be an early Don Long
  10. I was there that day as well! I remember it was June 18th because on June 20th I was headed for Great Lakes Naval Training Center and had delayed entry into the Navy just to see that match.
    Pete pulled a gigantic hole shot on Garlits and turned(if I remember correctly)an 8 flat 177mph and Big Daddy just caught him in the eyes and turned a 7.8 195mph!
    The first run Malone hit a couple of cones in the eyes and bent a front wheel.Eldon Sidebotham loaned him a spare so he could compete and on the second run he hit the lights.
    Supposedly the A&B Speed Shop was in Somerville.As to whether any business was actually carried on I don't recall. I know there was an A&J Speed in Malden that Ade was partnered with Joe Palladino and they ran a 55 Chevy gasser in the early 1970's.
  11. Church Key
    Joined: Nov 30, 2004
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    Church Key

    That is the Marshall & Vermilya AA/FD from California. M & V team were originally from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. During the summer of 66 they criss crossed the country three times.
  12. Slick Willy
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    Slick Willy

    Wow! sorta small world story...
    The other day(like a week ago), my oldest brother and I were talking about the old chevy panel truck my dad had when we were kids (before I was born too)
    My brother told me "man, you would have loved to had the old decals on all the windows, they were from all the old drag race tracks around New England"
    Well, my dad was a fisherman and liked model t's..not too much of a hotrodder...
    So, I ask, "whose truck was it"...
    Brother says" Oh, it was Kenny Tingleys, from over on furnace st. He used to tow a tri-five chevy around with it...I wonder what ever happened to that car..."
    Today I see this!

    Sadly this is what became of the '60 panel truck in the mid 80's...

  13. 32 hudson
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    32 hudson

    I love this thread. Hope this thread keeps going. Wish I had a camera when I was there as a kid.
  14. bdj406
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    awesome pics
  15. Pontiac Slim
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    Pontiac Slim
    Member Emeritus

    That waz awesome! I raced there in 67. Lots of great memories.. Thanks for posting
    Pontiac Slim
  16. 33hotrod
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    Those are the greatest pics! Just my era!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stan
  17. Thank you for those great memories.
    The first time I went there was the summer of 65 to watch my buddies run a new Plymouth against another friends 55 Chevy with a fresh crate 425 horse 396"
    The following season Plymouth guy showed up with a fresh new Belvedere sedan HEMI.
    It raised the bar that day.
  18. blenox
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