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S-10 3" drop leaf springs?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Rad Rob, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking of going with a modern spring in the back of my '53 pontiac. I'd like to go lower at the same time. Does anyone have the dimensions of a set of 3" lowered (or stock) s-10 leaf springs? They're pretty cheap on ebay and I'd imagine I could get a decent amount of drop with them.

  2. why not get your leaf springs reset? It's and you know they fit. I had my falcon springs reset 4 in lower and it works great, only cost me $150 at the local springworks
  3. springer
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    You would be better off to remove a leaf or two and lower the arch of the stock springs. Just remember once you dearch a spring leaf you can not go back up, it will just drop back to it's lowest point. Spring steel has a memory. Get it right the first time.
  4. springer
    Joined: Jul 10, 2003
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    Also, I believe your stock springs are only 2 inch wide. s-10 springs are 2 1/2. You would have to change the hangers to use them.
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  5. kustomd
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    The s10 springs would probably drive better than the stockers will especially if its got an open drive line now it will also stop the rear end from swaying as much. But you will have to change the hangers up because they are wider on the s10 springs.

    The store bought springs from chasis engineering are actually 68 nova style springs those hanger might work for you if you can get a set.
  6. My springs are pretty flat now and sag to one side. The other reason I am changing them is because they are very narrow and I'm going with a modern driveline that accepts 2-1/2" springs ('76 camaro). The camaro perches are almost in the right position and if not I have a set of weld on perches for my axle.

    I am confident that I can make new spring mounts, I made the engine and trans mounts yesterday after I pulled the rear axle out (was easier to work on the trans mount with the car floating on 'stands)

    I'll check into the Nova springs. I could really use some ideas for something that will work besides 4 link and bags.
  7. cavistyle
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    from baltimore

    I would go with the s10 springs..1 they are not 50 some years old . 2 they are wider and stronger , so they will withstand more abuse. you can buy the spring pocket and hangers for cheap on ebay 2. the way i did mine were........

    1. find a common place on the frame to mount your spring pockets
    2. Tack the pockets up and slide the spring in (secure with the bolt) no need to tighten tho because the spring will need to come out.
    3. make sure the opposite end of the spring is in a good location.
    4.remove everything and weld the pockets in. I welded around the pocket then cut 1 1/2 plate and boxed the pocket in so it was def secure.
    5. mount the leafs up and drill holes for the hangers.
    6. position your rear. (you may need to cut the old perches off and buy new ones)
  8. springer
    Joined: Jul 10, 2003
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    the Nova springs would work good, they are the same as the camaro springs.
  9. Thanks for the info guys.

    I'm looking at some hotchkins dropped camaro/nova springs with shackles right now and if not I'll be using a set of 3" drop s-10 leaves.

  10. sewanhaka62
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    hi just measured my 2002 s10 pickup c/l of hole = 53 1/4"
    s10 blazer rear spring = 48 3/4" <> both 2 1/2 wide

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