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Rude comments about my car whats the deal ?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by grazy, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. grazy
    Joined: Jun 21, 2008
    Posts: 223


    I was talking to somebody about the car I'm building 29 chopped A sedan on 32 frame old school style. When some idiot I've never met before and who has never seen my car he is listening to my conversation and chimes in and says it sounds like you F*#@ED up a good Model A . Wow I stood there speechless I've don't even know this guy whats his problem ? I looked at him and said it was a nice amazingly clean car that was very restorable until some restorer pulled it apart took the cowl tank out of it took the nice fenders off and cut big holes in them for side mounts for another car. He then parted it out and let the body set in his back yard for 10 years and it filled up with wet leaves . So all it was no good for anything other than a Hot Rod . I love all styles of cars stock ,modified ,muscle cars, mini trucks , lowriders , off makes, anything old. But I would never be so rude as to comment like that my opinon on somebodies car I don't even know.I guess I was raised with better manners than him . If you don't have anything nice to say SHUT THE HELL UP . Has anyone else ever experienced any kind of rude unnecessary comments about your car ?
  2. Emperor Chris
    Joined: Oct 9, 2007
    Posts: 469

    Emperor Chris
    from Nor Cal
    1. Upholstery

    Sometimes you just have to look at a person a wonder.....
  3. iFlip
    Joined: Jul 8, 2010
    Posts: 173

    from San Angelo

    Who cares? Just gotta brush them off.

    And ask them what they drive, it probably isn't as cool as yours.:p
  4. Post a pic, someone will find something wrong with the tird!
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  5. tfeverfred
    Joined: Nov 11, 2006
    Posts: 15,796


    Kinder, gentler HAMB response: I wouldn't have even acknowledged him. Not everyone is going to dig your car. You can't, and shouldn't, try to please others. It's YOUR ride.

    Cool response: I'd have gave him a knee to the coin purse!
  6. You get that everywhere. It can be harsh on here too. I got sick of the comments, and actually quit a big car club for some of the nasty remarks about my primered car.(and some other things) Then Primer became cool, and they were callin me for the vintage parts. Build what ya want, how ya want. Many of the snide comments I got were from people who wanted my car- there way. It aint Burger King. i know where i f***ed up on my car. and I May redo it- someday.
  7. At the first cruise night I took my '56 to in high school, I stood next to it listening to a bunch of older guys saying what a piece of shit it was and how much nicer their cars were.
    I chimed in and said it really isn't that bad of a car is it? I mean come on it's a pretty nice car. They said "it's all you know the owner?" I said ya it's me. Never seen a group of old men scatter so fast. Jackasses. I brushed it off. My '56 was awesome to me, and that's all that matters.
  8. carcrazyjohn
    Joined: Apr 16, 2008
    Posts: 4,844

    from trevose pa

    you my friend have just met an antiquer ,These guys are against hotrods...There all about original ....They can kiss my ass.....
  9. wayne421
    Joined: Sep 21, 2011
    Posts: 348


    Some people are just pricks sounds like a nice project
  10. There's never a shortage of big mouthed assholes.
  11. tommyd
    Joined: Dec 10, 2010
    Posts: 11,291

    from South Indy

    I had a guy say "eww to bad your cars not a sedan instead of a hard top" Even had a guy point out that my Aeroquip tranny lines aren't period correct..Some folks should just count to three before they open their pie hole. Would LOVE to see what they have built.....oh thats right they don't have a car! Just let it go.;)
  12. Special Ed
    Joined: Nov 1, 2007
    Posts: 5,454

    Special Ed

    "You can't please all the people, all the time....."
  13. My Dad said it best!
  14. As Ricky Nelson once said " You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself "
  15. pug man
    Joined: Apr 9, 2007
    Posts: 1,010

    pug man
    from louisiana

    It seems that comments like that are always made by people that don't have anything cool or have never even built anything cool. Don't let it bother you, build it and they will come........ Best of luck......
  16. 39 All Ford
    Joined: Sep 15, 2008
    Posts: 1,531

    39 All Ford
    from Benton AR

    Just let the guy know that it is a good thing that you didn't build the car for HIM.

    Also let him know that they made millions of stock model A's....
  17. arkiehotrods
    Joined: Mar 9, 2006
    Posts: 5,568


    tfeverfred nailed it: Don't even acknowledge the guy exists, simply continue your conversation with the guy you're talking to. If the guy speaks up again, continue to totally ignore him.
  18. Gasserfreak
    Joined: Aug 31, 2004
    Posts: 1,339

    from Yuma, AZ

    I thought it was PeeWee Herman that said that
  19. Harms Way
    Joined: Nov 27, 2005
    Posts: 6,849

    Harms Way

    One of the rude comments I hear all the time at events,.. deal with people talking down glass bodied cars, regardless of how dead on cool they are.
  20. nutbush
    Joined: Jul 7, 2006
    Posts: 240

    from Texas

    I had a guy tell me one time...."I had a corvette back when they were steel" After the last word rolled off his tongue, he never existed to me. He did not occupy a space. Totally invisible.
  21. dabirdguy
    Joined: Jun 23, 2005
    Posts: 2,404

    Member Emeritus

    So say something nasty about his '96 Miata and walk off.

    What's the problem?
  22. falconwagon62
    Joined: Mar 17, 2006
    Posts: 1,433


    should have told him, you should see what I do to your mama!
  23. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 26,243


    Some people aren't happy unless they are saying negative things about things we love and care for. SCREW THEM!
  24. william.ali.kay
    Joined: Nov 20, 2009
    Posts: 824

    from Milwaukee

    Life is too short brother.
    Dont let that kind of crap get to ya.
  25. barryvanhook
    Joined: Jun 17, 2011
    Posts: 618

    from Mesa, AZ

    All it would take to break him of that habit is for just one guy to punch him in the throat. Just sayin'.
  26. The_DropOut
    Joined: Mar 4, 2008
    Posts: 391


    I've heard the commenters, the un-official judges, the perfectionists and the daddy bank rolls. Harsh opinions and superior attitudes should be checked at the car show gates. Liesten to the other guys, dont build your car for anyone other than yourself. Dont look for kudos, slaps on the back or trophies, that's not where the real treasure is burried.

    I met a guy who said some nasty things about an interior in someone elses car, then went on to boast about how much dough he dropped on his custom interior. I asked him if he'd looked at the interior in my Ranchero. "I did it myself" I said with a smile. He walked to my car, put his hands behind his back and bent over to take a peek inside. He gazed for just a fraction, stood up and walked away. At the time I had no door pannels, no carpet, blown out seat w/ exposed seat springs, hole in my floor where my hurst had just been installed and a fire extinguisher ridding shot gun. I laughed so hard when he was out of ear shot. I could care how much someone spends on their machine or how they would have done it. I have much respect for thoes who turn their own wrenches no matter what the project is.

    Keep up the good work, lets see a pic.
  27. I was told I messed up my car with the flame paint and the rewire. I had a dumb b@#*h come into the auto parts store I work in and when I asked her what kind of car she had tell me "It's parked out there by the big ugly black one with the horrible paint job." Screw her! she was driving a Kia anyway.
  28. brad chevy
    Joined: Nov 22, 2009
    Posts: 2,627

    brad chevy

    Should of just told him,opinons are just like assholes,everybody has one or is one.
  29. falconwagon62
    Joined: Mar 17, 2006
    Posts: 1,433


    And most of them stink!

    Really, who cares what another thinks, I like Falcons over the Model A I had, Thats me, not you, I like having what I want, I was into wagons YEARS ago, now they are cool, I have them because, I like them.....
  30. Smitty's32
    Joined: Dec 31, 2011
    Posts: 131


    Truer words were never spoken. When you take your car to cruise-ins and other gatherings you have to develop a thick skin and ignore the jerks.
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