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Folks Of Interest RIP Jack Slaymaker April 13, 1947 - February 26, 2019

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by vintagehotrods, Feb 28, 2019.

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    With much regret I have to announce that we've lost a longtime friend and Hot Rodder Jack Slaymaker from Spencer, Iowa suddenly on Tuesday at age 71. The Slaymaker brothers, Dennis and Jack are Hot Rod icons of northwest Iowa and the surrounding states, both having been chasing old cars, building Hot Rods and collecting everything related since they were teenagers. Jack had a knack for collecting anything that caught his eye from customs, to memorabilia (he once bought the shirt off a SCTA Official's back at Bonneville), to his latest recent acquisition, a 1932 Ford 3W Coupe that was in the movie "The Cool Hot Rod" (1953). The movie was actually made in Hollywood to promote safe driving and drag strips and the car recently resurfaced from a backyard in Hollywood some 65 years later. Jack snagged it and brought it back to Iowa. Like most of us, Jack lived, breathed, loved and preserved the history of Hot Rods.

    In April of 1998 Jack bought a 1934 Ford 3W Coupe from Dennis and his plans for a traditional hot rod changed to building a land speed car for Bonneville in the XF/BVGCC (blown-vintage-gas-competition-coupe) class in just four months. They formed the Rigor Mortis Racing Team and claimed their first record for the class in 1998 and have held it ever since, eventually with Dennis bumping it up to 152.494 mph with four different times with three different drivers. I was fortunate to be there with them for two of those records and will cherish those memories forever.
    Jack is survived by his wife, Lorri of Spencer, IA; his brother, Dennis and his wife, Sharon Slaymaker of Spencer, IA; nieces and nephews; other relatives and many friends.

    Godspeed Jack, thanks for the memories and you will be missed.
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  2. Hollywood-East
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  3. Stogy
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    Condolences to the Slaymaker Family and friends on the passing of Jack...Goodbye Hotrod Guy...may he Rest In Peace

    His 32 was an incredibly stunning Hotrod...he sounded like he had a fun go of life...and sadly it was cut short...

    Thanks for sharing the loss of Jack with us @vintagehotrods...

    Regards, Stogy
  4. stik70
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    from midwest

    God Speed Buddy Boy
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  5. Corn Fed
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    Corn Fed

    So sorry to hear this. Jack and Dennis have been icons for years. Condolences to all of his family.
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  6. Born_too_late
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    from N. Iowa

    Our deepest sympathy to to the Slaymaker family. Great people and true hot rodders.
  7. ahshoe
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    from Eastern IA

    Been to his shop on February garage tours sponsored by the Spencer car club for many years.Quite a place to see and a great guy. Rest in peace.
  8. tractorguy
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    Wow.....what a shock. I got to know Dennis after meeting him yearly at the September Greenfield Iowa swap meet years ago. We always talked racing.......Halibrand wheels ......rare hot rod in general. I think the last conversation I had with him a few years ago revolved around the record attempts with Jack's coupe at Bonneville. Never met Jack, but if he was anything like Dennis......and it sure looks like he was.....he left his mark on this world. May he rest in peace.
  9. Hombre
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    God Speed son, you will be remembered.
  10. vinfab
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    from midwest

    One little "Jackism". Years ago a bunch of us made a trip to the LA Roadster show. Somewhere in Nevada we stopped for a meal. Someone at the table asked, was that the Painted Desert we drove through? Jack, being Jack replied , NO, that was the Primed Desert! Rest In Peace buddy.
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  11. catdad49
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    What a name for a Hot Rodder! God Speed, Mr. Slaymaker.
  12. Malcolm
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    from Nebraska

    Very sorry to hear this, Jerry. The Slaymaker brothers are nearly legendary in this part of the country.
  13. alchemy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2002
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    I remember his delivery from many decades ago. Flying Circus? Was up in his and Denny's storage building on main street checking out cars with my Dad when I was a teenager.
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  14. henry-ford-clinic
    Joined: Oct 6, 2008
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    from england

    Just returned to England from Jacks funeral, 4 day trip, return to work tomorrow!
    Jack and Lorri opened their house to me in April 2000, I stayed and worked with the brothers for the best part of two years. Great great times!
    Dennis laid some blue stripes on Jacks grey coffin, he was wearing his favourite hot rod shirt and cap and the ashes of some of his beloved cats went with him!
    Go well my friend, I will try to finish my 3w in such a way that you would be proud! JP.
  15. henry-ford-clinic
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    from england

    P.S. His panel was called "Jumping Jack Flash"
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  16. poop
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    Jack was “The Man”
    Big Heart
    Down to earth a. K.a. humble
    Good perspective on life, he would always tell me the advice his dad gave him “ It doesn’t cost anything, to be Nice”
    Visiting with Jack always made my day brighter, and full of laughing, plus all the ways to approach building that nightmare/dream/ reason to live.
    A true friend.
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