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Projects rebuilding after the crash

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    This pic just needs presents resting at the front end.
    Maybe a photoshop of Mark wearing a Santa hat.

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  2. The car received a few presents. New mh 12x16 slicks; rcd breathers; 170# coil springs; oil cooler. How did Santa ever know what it needed?
  3. 20181231_130104.jpg 20181231_144131.jpg You guys have made it clear you like the tech stuff I post so here's some more. This is all about burst panels and maintainance. The burst panels are mandatory in the faster blown classes. The street version uses springs and a pop off plate. There purpose is to relieve pressure if there is any kind of back fire on the intake side. There is alot of fuel being injected into the manifold. If anything on the intake valve train should fail a valve could be open when the cylinder fires. It would light all this fuel and cause a big explosion. The blast could break the manifold. The blower could also go flying off the engine. There are several safety items that are required. The burst panels are perforated on the inside so they break under pressure. The blower studs are aluminum to shear. Between these two items the pressure is relieved in the manifold. Blower straps hold the blower on the engine. All parts are sfi rated. checking the stretch of the panel is regular maintainance. A depth micrometer shows in the first picture the panel has stretched. Picture two shows the new panel in place. The old panel stretched .100 over time. It's easy to see its bowed out. The more boost generated requires more frequent changing of the panel. Pro teams change them after each run. when a panel blows out there is usually a fire ball that flies out to. on a late model hemi the plug wires going to the drivers side go in front of were the panel is located on the manifold. to prevent them from being melted we wrap the wires in a fire proof material. sometimes the explosion is so big the panel cuts a wire or two as it comes apart. ATTACH=full]4144231[/ATTACH] View attachment 4144232
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  4. mcmopar
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    from Strum, wi

    Brian, does the panel burst out a little each time or did it do that in one run? Do you know when it happened, or what caused this one to bulge. I assume you didn't wreck any valve train. Im getting closer with every part that shows up, cant wait to get back home and get started on it.
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  5. Good tech post on the burst panel Brian. I saw Mike F. blew his panel out on Drag Week 2018, no damage to his blown hemi. He replaced panel and continued on .
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  6. They stretch a little every time they are at max boost. They stretch even more with each small pop through the intake. Tony all those little pops trying to start the car at rock falls in the 30 degree air are bad on a panel. They were not enough to blow out the panel but they did stretch it.
  7. The chassis has been cleaned and sealed. The front end is polished. The engine is ready to go. It time to put some pieces together. 20190101_140222.jpg 20190101_162915.jpg
  8. dirty old man
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    dirty old man

    Man Brian, that's looking good!
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  9. I have been in a polishing mode for over a month. I have done all the wheels; engine block; rear suspension; fuel tank and a number of smaller parts. Once the car comes apart everything gets cleaned and checked out. It will look nice when it's all back together.
  10. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Labor of Lust, Great Job!!!!
  11. The promoter is using a pic of our car for the upcoming street car race in June. This event is similar to drag weeks event. The biggest difference is this event is a three day event and they have a money payout. Brian Kohlmann.jpg
  12. Thats a fantastic pic of your car Brian.:)
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  13. belair
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    Perseverance is soooo underrated. Great effort and a good thread.
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  14. The shot is from the hot rod magazine photo shoot. Who would have predicted the right front wheel and entire front suspension would be destroyed the next day. Then fixed and back on the track to win the Yahoo cup three weeks later. I see alot in that pic.
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  15. enloe
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    from east , tn.

    I hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful new year. I will be looking forward to seeing the Green Machine somewhere this year:)
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  16. thanks im sure we will hook up some where. maybe at Byron or bowling green. say hello to the family for me.
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  17. Johnboy34
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    from Seattle,Wa

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  18. With it so cold out I move some work in doors. I hate gapping plugs at the track. Its distracting when I'm trying to get the car ready to run. I pulled what ever plugs I had left in the trailer to get ready. The washers need to be removed so the plug is at the proper depth in the combustion chamber. They are then gapped to .018. Then they get reboxed. It's a good way to start getting ready for the upcoming season. 20190127_174034.jpg
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  19. bostonhemi
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    I don't think you have enough plugs.
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  20. I actually need to get some more. I want to start the season with 200 plugs. They are changed every pass. They are inspected with a specially lit magnifying glass after each pass. Reading the plugs helps us with the tune up. Gapping plugs is one job I dont like to do. As I watch TV which is rare I do a box or two. By the time spring comes I will be ready. I polish my wheels the same way. I make use of every minute of the day during the off season so I can hit the track as soon as the weather breaks. The reality shows some how miss all this exciting fun.
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  21. boring-hop-yard
    Joined: Feb 24, 2008
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    Greetings Racer X, do you index your plugs as well?
    I would guess not since your running 16 plugs at one time and would have to inventory them by spark plug hole. Thanks for posting and letting us tag along!
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  22. No I dont. Hemi guys dont index because the plug is in the middle of the combustion chamber. Thanks for following along.
  23. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    Hey Brian
    I hear it's cold enough there to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.:eek:
    My wife is from your neck of the woods and has been crying about being cold out here in the bannana belt, that's when I show her those recent news photos of Lake Michigan.
    I don't know how you do it year in, year out, thoughts of warmer days coming your way.

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  24. If I didn't have 28 years invested in the hospital I work at I would be in Virginia or North Carolina. I spent the first three hours today on my day off snow blowing the 10 inches we got over night. Tuesday and Wednesday its forecast to be 25 below zero air temp. We just tough it out. It will be warmer soon.
  25. jackalope
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    That single statement is the difference between someone who gets shit done and everyone else. It’s all about pecking away and “taking small bites out of the elephant.”
    Eventually it all adds up!
    Great stuff and keep at it.

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  26. I have said before maintainence is key. The lenco recently received a servicing. It's was working perfectly at the end of the season. Still I wanted to look inside. It's a good thing I did. One of the planetary gears had a big chip out of a tooth. If the rest of the tooth broke off it could have locked up the trans right now. That has the potential to lock the rear tires or have shrapnel coming through the floor. Either case is a disaster. A new gear set is 2 grand so I just ordered a new planet. This trans was in Andy bohls winnin US Nationals alchohol funny car. The gears were lightened along with many other modifications. I need to machine the new gear to match the broken ones weight. Roger will take care of it. He says it will need a ceramic cutter to do it. I also found the front drum bearing completely worn out. The drum gets tapped into the bearing. Mine just fell out. The race and balls were junk. The air pod plungers were worn out so new ones went in. When those wear out the pods cant be adjusted any more. The rest looked great. It's much cheaper to take a look at things when you have time. 20190204_163753.jpg 20190204_163655.jpg 20190204_164735.jpg
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  27. The flex plate I was using was a ATI brand. Its basically a stock Chevy unit drilled for the eight bolt hemi crank. They only last a year or so. The holes get beat out and they sometimes crack. They just are not made for big power but it was the only thing available. I broke several on the 65 Dodge so I always inspect this part closely any time its out of the car. I have heard of a severe duty piece being made I just didn't know who they were or how to find them. At pri this year I ran into the right guys. Bonnafontti out of Michigan makes the part. They also are in involved with nitro cars. They make them for pro mod racers. The pro mod parts are finding their way into fast street cars.This piece is a work of art. I sent them my mid plate to put on their fixture to check for proper starter placement. Do to the larger size flywheel the mid plate needed to have the starter hole welded and re machined. I checked the flywheel to starter fit and it showed I needed to space the flywheel back some. It was engaged into the starter teeth at rest. I sent my ATI spacer and specs back to Bonnafontti and they took care of the rest. Now the Bruno and converter are back in the car. As soon as I can get the lenco back in I can start the car up. It wont be long before it's making noise again. Its stronger and better than it was. It was worth the extra effort. 20190204_112438.jpg 20190204_112443.jpg 20190204_112449.jpg 20190204_112547.jpg 20190204_115358.jpg
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  28. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    That's an impressive looking part Brian!
    You should be able to put any flexplate worries behind you.
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  29. 20190204_112557.jpg I agree it's cnc machined
    out of 4140 steel and its gas nitrided. Its sfi rated higher than the old one.
  30. Johnboy34
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    from Seattle,Wa

    Just curiosity here. Did you find anything left of that gear chip in the case? Or did it get ground up?

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