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Rear End for my 30 Chevy 3 Window

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by WAYNE112, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. WAYNE112
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    please delete
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  2. RFAGrasshopper
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    I'd run a 700R4 trans and a 8" or 9" Ford with a 3:50 to 3:80 gear. Lots of getup and go around town but in O/D with the 700R4 you would be able to keep the rpm down as if you had a 3:00 to 3:25 gear. Best of both worlds. If you want to do a stick do a T-5 and it will be the same for rear-end gearing.
  3. aojo
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    My 30 Chevy coupe came with an 8" Ford ... gearing unknown. It is coming out in favor of a 58 olds. I will us a BW T-10 with it as I had it already.. original idea was to use a 200-4R to get the over drive as grasshopper mentioned but I traded that off.
  4. Deuce Roadster
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    Deuce Roadster
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    A lot of folks do not realize that the " ride " of a vehicle is affected by the weight of the rear end. The lighter the rear end ( total weight which counts the rims/tires ) the better the ride. Lighter rears means a lower unsprung weight ratio.
    A Dana 60 is very strong but also very heavy !!

    If you are not running a lot of horsepower /torque... and have a light car ...
    a 8 inch Ford rear end is a good choice. The 5 lug Maverick rear end is also nice and narrow ( 56 inches ... wheel mounting flange to wheel mounting flange ) ... most of the early 30's Chevrolet rear ends are 56 to 58 inches wide so the Maverick is a good fit. The V8 Maverick rear end is easy to work on and parts are not that difficult to come by. :)

    My 32 has over 400 HP so I choose a 9 inch Ford. I still wanted a good ride so I installed a Aluminum center section and aluminum pinion retainer. It makes the rear end 24 pounds lighter ... which helps the " ride ".


    I also have a aluminum driveshaft ( added since the photo :eek: )

  5. Running a 1956 Chevrolet rear in a 32 Chevy (Chevy in a Chevy), nice fit width wise, as time goes by I guess these rears are getting harder to find, 55-57 Pontiac would be traditional, but good luck finding one.
  6. davidbistolas
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    a tri-5 rear end is the same width as a 2nd gen camaro. fwiw, and very close to a S10/Blazer 4x4 rear end. More ratio options for ya that way.
  7. What is your front bolt pattern? It would be nice to get a rearend where that is already the same so you do not have to redrill and change the BP. A 55-64 Chevy rear or 8-inch Ford will look better as older style, but a late model GM 10-bolt (S-10, Camaro, etc) or Ford 8.8 (Explorer, etc) can work fine.

    As suggested, what trans are you using? A non-OD trans will need a taller gear. Consider an OD trans if you have not made that choice yet.
  8. 29woodie
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    from boston, ma

    As 38Chevy454 suggested, I'd try to find something that matches the bolt pattern of your front. An early 80's Monte Carlo/ El Camino rear is the right width. They come in a variety of gear ratios. You can even find them with a 3.73 posi with disc brakes. Sounds like a great build, though. Any pictures?
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    S10's are very narrow & plentiful
  10. I have a 33 Chevy. I'm running a 283 mostly stock with a 700 R4 transmission. I used a 10 bolt out of a mid 90's Chevy S10 2WD with 3:43 gears. There are plenty out there and the prices are reasonable. I purchased a rear leaf spring kit from Posies and was very satisfied with how everything fit. Like 38Chevy454 said, I have the same bolt pattern for the front and rear wheels. I also wanted to be able to say my 33 had an all Chevy drive train. It won't be on the road until sometime this summer so I can't comment on how it rides.

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  11. 9 INCH FORD ... Easy to set up ... look up (johns 9 inch ford ) in ohio ... He builds a good housing ... stay with the 28 spline axles unless youre going to drag race ... Go to junk yard get the 28 spline chunk ...
  12. Normbc9
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    I'm using a 86 S-10 in the sedan and a '92 in the coupe. One has 3.07's the other 3.55's. Both work well and were easy to fit in.

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  13. WAYNE112
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  14. WAYNE112
    Joined: Oct 21, 2010
    Posts: 146


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