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Radiator over flow tank, what is everyone using?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 47.Poncho, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. nochop
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    from norcal

    The dirt under my coupe
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  2. I've got a glass 12 ounce Mission of California orange soda bottle.
  3. Old heavy Squeeze Soda bottle.

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  4. 47.Poncho
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    4 lbs cap. I realize 200 isn't that hot but it runs way better when it's around 180. No hard starting or "dieseling" when you shut it off. So sounds like the best idea is to go do some shopping at the Liqour Comission.
  5. fleetside66
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  6. plaid thermos
  7. river1
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    Old joke

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  8. unkledaddy
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    I can't believe that 20 degrees in the 180-200 degree temperature range would make any difference..............but you know your engine better than I do. I have my SBC set up to run at 185, reaching 195-200 at the stop & go lights in the summer. In the winter months (depending on the outside air temperature) I have different sizes of black-painted cardboard to place between the grill and the front of the radiator core. I try to get the temp around 205-210 degrees then when I turn the heater on it drops back to 185-190.

    In your case I would try a 12lb-15lb cap to stop the "puking" and to address the "dieseling" slow the idle speed a tad. Then if I still had "hard start" problems I would look at initial timing and the possibility of starter "heat soak."

    Good luck.
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