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Technical Pre-war hub caps

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by stillrunners, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. Of course I ran across this catolog looking for another water pump catolog. It does show some info like the depth needed on a banjo cap some might find useful. Posting the Ford as it seams most popular. 20210120_161829.jpg 20210120_163201.jpg 20210120_163133.jpg 20210120_163109.jpg
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  2. Notice how they were getting around paying licensing fees. The Chevrolet one doesn't say Chevrolet, but "CHEVDELUX" and the Dodge one doesn't spell anything, just a series of "O O O O O ". Can't make out one that may be Pontiac, but it doesn't spell Pontiac!. Ford must not have had the copyrights for the V8 script even though it looks like a Ford cap. Maybe V8 was non-descript enough that they could get away with it.
  3. After a closer look, that one that I thought was Pontiac may actually be for a Continental but it appears to be spelled incorrectly as well.
  4. Yep....what I've gotten in piles of used caps - that didn't look right. I'll post more if there's an interest.

    There was a post by a guy getting frustrated over the rear banjo axle being to far out for the caps he was wanting to use. Thought that depth inches might help....

  5. Dang.....don't even see that.....guess I'll go take another picture.
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  6. Interesting stuff.
  7. .........Sure, we always like more pictures.:D
  8. .......Almost looks like "Continal":)
  9. Here"s the depth and another page - no other pictures except the cover. 20210121_081638.jpg 20210121_081831.jpg 20210121_081753.jpg
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    I guess I'm not seeing the depth you talk about. The "size" listed is the diameter.
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  12. Dang it - your right - guess I got excited when I ran across it and we were going to help the guys trying to put hub caps on the 1940 up to 48 car wheel and the trucks wheels up to 1964 - running the inside nub wheels - and running a banjo rear end. There was a post of that last week and that was my effort.
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  13. Was kinda lucky - an old jobber in my neighborhood kept binders of sales catalogs he would pass of to customers from the 40's - 50's not much of any 60's - when he sadly passed - I was able to scoop them up. He was defiantly a pack rat and never thru or got rid of anything. Should maybe post more of the accessory ones....
  14. Got lucky on a set of 15" inside nub wheels on a destroyed can ham with almost new tires and 1 baby moon. Thought I would take a picture of the depth - it's a cheapo cap....and the Ford cap I have - think it's a 42/47 truck cap. Whoops they're on my phone.

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