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OT/How many HAMBers play music?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chili Phil, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. HotRod60F100
    Joined: Jul 13, 2004
    Posts: 1,197


    I've been playing the guitar since i was 15,am 28 now and my gear is a 1978 Fender Strat'lefty' with a Kahler lockdown tremelo,a Washburn D12S 'lefty'acoustic and a Montana CL80'lefty'classical i play old N.W.O.B.H.M Metal,classic rock,blues mostly.
  2. Drive on
    Joined: Jun 30, 2003
    Posts: 189

    Drive on

    Where are the HIGH SCHOOL CAESAR boys at? There are 4 of them on the hamb in one band. Well I'll plug'm
    Guitar George

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  3. bobbleed
    Joined: May 11, 2001
    Posts: 3,104

    from Awesome

    I've played music my whole life.
  4. SimonSez
    Joined: Jul 1, 2001
    Posts: 1,632


    I have been mucking around at home for years on guitar, but was pretty crap.

    Couple of years ago I bought a neat old '60s Jansen Bass (made here in New Zealand) at a swapmeet and started playing around with that.

    In the last few months I've been in a band with some of the other local rodders. We have had a few practices and played a couple of gigs at our clubrooms. I'm still pretty crap, but getting a bit better and it's damn good fun [​IMG]
  5. k9racer
    Joined: Jan 20, 2003
    Posts: 3,091


    I have really enjoyed this thread. I am glad to see so many talented folks here. So I was thinking next year at the HAMB DRAGS maybe Pleeeeeeeezzze make some music. Thank you from a guy that has trouble playing a am radio. Bobby..
  6. Gr8ballsofir
    Joined: Apr 21, 2001
    Posts: 768


    In order of proficiency:
    Jaw harp
    Paint bucket
  7. demonspeed
    Joined: Jul 22, 2004
    Posts: 517


    I play guitar in a metal band and imalso doin a one show blues band this winter. I got an ESP m-100 and a Jackson js 30. My amp is a crate 90 watt head with a marshall mg4-12 cab and i got a line 6 spider 112 for when i dont wanna haul the stack around. I play a lot of metal, punk, blues, stuff like that.
  8. Spoon
    Joined: Sep 18, 2004
    Posts: 273


    I've played in a band called Sleazy Mancini since '96. '50s and '60s instrumental big guitar stuff. We've played everywhere there is to play in DFW several times over. I pretty much only play Gretsch guitars through Fender amps. But I do have a Strat., Paul, gold top, and a few others. I've drank my weight in free booze.[​IMG]
    Here's one of me in the studios back in '02. Pree tattoos...

    Joined: Oct 22, 2003
    Posts: 3,264

    from Warren,MI

    yea ive been in a few bands. from really horrible punk. to happy poppy emo punk (my girlfriend hates me i want to die shit) and even did a breif stint playing guitar for a rap metal band when that got big a few years back. most fun ive had was playing bass for a grind band. we used to open a phone book and use a phone number for our notes. that lasted like 2 months and 1 show and we broke all our equip at the show so no more band [​IMG] [​IMG]
    but right now i dont play anything any more. [​IMG]
  10. Hot Rod To Hell
    Joined: Aug 19, 2003
    Posts: 3,032

    Hot Rod To Hell
    from Flint MI

    I'm pretty amazed that we haven't heard fron any Keytar players yet!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. 30coupe
    Joined: Dec 2, 2002
    Posts: 15


    Played in a band for 9 years, then got too busy with my real job and had to give it up.

    Fender Jazz Special 4 string bass. Alvarez acoustic guitar.
    Six string banjo.

    Had but sold/traded: Alvarez acoustic (dove), Fender Telecaster Deluxe (US made), several others.

    Mostly just fart around with the six string these days, just for fun.
  12. nzsimon
    Joined: Oct 11, 2001
    Posts: 120


    I play guitar I also own the oldest company in the music business here in New Zealand there is one of our guitars in the hard rock cafe in New York
  13. Crease
    Joined: May 7, 2002
    Posts: 2,878


    Im not a musician, but I do play the drums. [​IMG]
  14. lgh1157
    Joined: Sep 15, 2004
    Posts: 1,669


    I have been playing the drums for the last 8 or so years.

    Mostly hardcore punk rock stuff

  15. unpunk01
    Joined: Feb 1, 2004
    Posts: 513


    I play mostly punk and rockabilly...guitar junky!
    1963 Gretsch 6121
    1962 Gretsch 6120 prototype (made for Chet himself)
    1999 Gretsch 6120 KS
    1968 Les Paul Standard
    1973 Les Paul Deluxe
    1994 Les Paul Standard
    1994 Epiphone Sorrento
    2000 Fender Telecaster '52 Reissue
    1955 Martin D28
    2000 Martin D15
    1948 Fender Dual 8 Pro (Steel Guitar)
    Marshall 8080 Valvestate
    Fender Concert
    1952 Gibson GA8

    If anyone is interested there are some pics on my webpage

    ...all that and I've never been on stage!

  16. candyman
    Joined: Jun 29, 2001
    Posts: 355


    I play drums, bass and guitar. I write songs for my band. I play as a hobby. I have no interest in being some sort of rockstar or something. I could live off my music if I wanted to.. but then it would just be another job wouldn't it. I am not listing my gear here as it would take me forever... as I have enough gear to literally equip 3 bands.
  17. rich^vic
    Joined: Sep 2, 2004
    Posts: 80

    from Victoria

    damn those are beautiful horns.. *sniff*
    how much do I have to save up for one of those nowadays? 5-6 grand? [​IMG] I played an old school, godawful Conn in a Jazz/Dixie combo a lifetime ago. I should pick it up again..


    [ QUOTE ]
    Sax...Selmer MK VI tenor

    [/ QUOTE ]
  18. aedan
    Joined: Oct 18, 2004
    Posts: 524

    from ###

    yeah man i play bass i got a tobacco sunburst copy of a fender p-bass and a 20 watt ashton amp i also play drums and a lil guitar i would love to use vintage equipment but once again i cant afford it im only 15
  19. Baumi
    Joined: Jan 28, 2003
    Posts: 2,695


    I´ve been playing the piano for about 22 years now.It´s just my hobby and I should play more often. I´m getting out of practice.
  20. Monkey
    Joined: May 6, 2002
    Posts: 961

    from Owasso, OK

    DRUMS...imagine that!! [​IMG]

  21. Hey Monkey,
    Double Bass.
    Soo... what we gonna call this band?!

  22. Tricky Hickey
    Joined: Nov 20, 2009
    Posts: 113

    Tricky Hickey

    1968 Fender Jazz Bass (ex-wife hated music so I never played in a band.)
    Said I'd "look" at Bar Whores ?
  23. Edsel_Presley
    Joined: Dec 4, 2009
    Posts: 547


    This is an old thread. It's dug up, so I'll contribute.

    Meet Rosie.

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  24. jangleguy
    Joined: Dec 26, 2004
    Posts: 2,668


    Did it for my living for 23 years. Mostly acoustic original stuff with small bands.
    Quit performing in '96 to play with cars full time. Last year, I came out of hiding to play at Speed Week and the HAMB Drags, plus some festival gigs, while I was on the road. Now I'm playing small coffee shops with a band called The Constant Tourists - Guitar, accordian and violin. Fun stuff.
  25. cafekid
    Joined: Dec 4, 2008
    Posts: 380


    yup i got my first drum set when i was 3 [(one of the very last remo jr. pro's) still have it too] i just recently sold my late 60's gretsch 5 piece that i rescued from my highschool jazz band. i play a premier set thats hand made in england.i have had a guitar since i was in jr high and have yet to learn how to play it but some day i will lol.
  26. hotcargo
    Joined: Nov 9, 2005
    Posts: 307


    Yep , I'm a retired engineer , but a working musician for the last 45 years ....freelance bass player , Blues , Country , Jazz , Rock , etc , studio , radio , TV , etc

    My instruments include a 1940's German Upright Working mans Bass , Musicman Stingray 5 custom , Ibanez BTB 5 , Fender Jazz , etc

    my amps are .....Ashdown Engineering 500 watt head with a Genz Benz 4 x 10 bin , Fender 100 watt Bassman , Fender 60 watt Bassman Frontline , ...Fender Twin

    guitars are ....Fender Strat , Gary Levinson Blade , Texas Guitars accoustic , Takemine G Series semi accoustic

    plus the other stuff here , keyboards , banjo's , bongo's , drums , percussion , PA's etc

    Interesting to read , others are into music , cars , bikes , etc ........people think I'm just so weird ........." YOUR A MUSO AND YOU PLAY WITH CARS N BIKES "


    Steve in Oz
  27. Dr Goggles
    Joined: Sep 27, 2007
    Posts: 154

    Dr Goggles

    Started on double bass playing rockabilly, then concentrated on guitar, blues rock, then all originals. Thousands of gigs, had a record deal for a while.At the moment I play lead and sing backing vocals in two original country bands(The T-Bones and Andre Camilleri and the Broken Hearts bands and have my own part time band doing my own stuff called Fourdoorshitbox.Made about twelve records over the years, never made a lot of money...still I consider myself lucky to have had the times we had .

    Recently did "In the Bacharach of the ute" where I built a stage on the back of my ute and we played a bracing set of Burt......just as I was singing "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" the heavens opened.....

    My bits and pieces include...
    1930 Kaycraft
    1955 Maton cutaway F hole
    1993 Woodtone 0016
    1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman
    5 Fender US Tele's
    2 Partscasters
    Musicman RD210
    Fender Concert 2x10 1980
    Fender Vibrolux Reverb 1971
    Various small valve amps

    did a "reunion" with a band I played with for years last week, only played three gigs in ten years but it all just falls in to place.
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  28. vertible59
    Joined: Jan 25, 2009
    Posts: 1,058


    Bass player...haven't played on stage in many years, but it never leaves you. I still play my '84 Rickenbacker 4003, through a Silvertone Twin Twelve, daily. Also own some strange basses like an '85 Fender Performer, '85 Fender Katana, '78 Fender Musicmaster, '70 Univox fretless violin bass, '70 Univox fretted violin bass, and several other examples of low down weirdness.
  29. Candy-Man
    Joined: Mar 21, 2006
    Posts: 1,713


    Tele, Strat and Marshall, "Its Only rock & Roll, But I like It"....

    Now my warden/better half/the wife/or the war department: Grand piano, two electric piano's, tenor sax, stand up bass, Ovation guitar and the violin which I cannot stand..... The warden has all the talent, not me.......
  30. raven
    Joined: Aug 19, 2002
    Posts: 4,614


    '76 Ibanez copy of a Gibson 25SG.
    The one that got Ibanez sued by Gibson. They had to remake the guitar after that.
    My grandad's '47 Silvertone
    Accoustic Yamaha
    Regal steel bodied resonator
    Alvarez 12 string accoustic


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