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Once a hotrod, now abandoned thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 30FordNerd, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. I think it's a great thread...the depressing part is those who tried to buy these cars years ago and could not get the owner to let loose.
  2. ALCAN AV8
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  3. black 62
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    black 62
    from arkansas

    ---get your own and quit whining about other people's---find the ones you can buy and ask about all the ones you find---offer a fair price and see what happens--no sale--tuff darts
  4. Here is a 32 Tudor that sat out for a long time in Grand Forks BC. It was involved in a legal dispute and he'd had some "big offers" over the years but it was unavailable until the dispute was resolved. I would always cruise by to check up on it then in the summer of 2011 it finally became available, the big offers where nowhere to be seen and it was CHEAP.

    Car was very complete aside from an engine and had some beautiful parts like a nice un-split wishbone, heavy axle, complete body, nice doors, channeled grill shell, old chrome garnish, 33/34 dash, all the glass was there as was a most of a cut stock firewall under the aluminum cover. But it was also in dire need of a good quality rebuild and that channel job wasn't pretty especially in the rear quarter panel area or the plywood floor.

    The last time I saw it was in Dec 2011 when I gave it a good looking over and decided I was not inclined to get involved with the car personally nor did I feel the need to get involved buying it for resale.

    I know the car was purchased locally then apparently resold to someone whom is doing something with it now.

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  5. This 40/41 pickup is still sitting at a house that is a very lo rent dive, the house has been for sale then tenanted and vacated several times since I've been keeping an eye on the truck. For the past couple years nobody lived there and the place grew in but it's now back to lo rent tenants. There is a good sized shop on the property that is sort of open and spewing junk but I've never ventured inside, I'd suspect the pick up bed is in the shop. The truck really isn't bad and has a dropped axle under it.

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  6. Russ Tee
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    Russ Tee
    from Florida

    Here’s one that was rescued by my brother for $2500 in the late 70’s sitting in a junk yard. 50 Olds coupe J2 motor, 3-2‘s Lasalle transmission, ran perfect.

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  7. This is worse than a Sylvia Plath novel...

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  8. 30FordNerd
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    A few more.

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  9. Who knew, back in the day? I coulda bought a '31 model a coup chopped, channeled, 301 smc, 4 speed, bright red, white tuck and roll interior including headline, deuce grill, chrome, reversed wheels, chrome headers, etc that needed trans work for $350 and thought it was too much for a rod that needed work.
  10. DJCruiser
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    from CT

    Someone needs to save these.
  11. hillbilly4008
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    from Rome NY

    Sure they do! I've had my eye on one for the past few years.

    I run a welding shop in Central NY. Guys comes in with an aluminum snowmobile trailer that needed some repairs. Older guy and his son. The son notices an old muscle car I've got stashed away in the corner and we started talking cars. "My fathers got an old hotrod." he says. I've heard this story enough times over the years to not get over excited, cuz it usually turns out to be something stupid. He goes on to tell me that he bought a twin turbo Mazda engine that he plans to install in it..... it was about that point when I stopped listening.

    Fast forward a few years and I just happened to drive past their house, and remember the son saying "come over some time and see it" So I pull in, re-introduce myself and ask to see the "old hot rod"

    The old man takes me into the barn then points over in the corner "there it is". Now I didn't see a car, just a huge pile of stuff. Then a closer look revealed a '31 Ford coupe on '32 rails, with a chopped '32 grill, '41 Zephyr front axle assembly. Channeled body, no chop. True East coast style. Last tagged in '61.

    Owner says he had his friend build it for him in '58. It was orignally powered by a 327 with 3 dueces. He couldn't keep em tuned so he installed a dual quad intake, still was having trouble. In the end he ran a single 4bbl. His friend borrowed it to go to a show and broke down on the Mass Turnpike (lead east???) The car was towed home, parked, and the drivetrain was stripped.

    Some day I'll get my grubby little hands on that ride......some day.....
  12. Truckeez
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    And yet--No one will be PROACTIVE and change the direction of the way its headed........................
    by making the guy a GENEROUS offer that they cant refuse.
  13. rfraze
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    Post #44 shows a Model A that IS or COULD BE the Knott's Berry Farm wheelstander. I will be looking for a pic to compare.

    This thread made me realize that I probably have cool stuff that is just sitting, that someone else really wants AND would get running for everyone to enjoy. Of course, I have good intentions and plans for each project or part. Just doesn't seem that I get as much done, on my own stuff, these days. The "personal responsibility" to save every round rusty shape sometimes refers to passing stuff on.

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  14. brings a tear to my eye!!!
  15. Ghost of ElMirage
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    Ghost of ElMirage

    Easier said than done. Most if not all the jokers that own pieces of history like these will never ever sell them:mad:
  16. jalopykid
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    from Bozeman,MT

    I believe this vicky was here in Montana a few years ago. Cool old kustom. Not sure if its still here or was sold.

  17. I thought this was the display model that was used at Knotts for many years. Same paint scheme and wheel / tire combination but none of the race car / wheel stander internals
  18. blowby
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    from Nicasio Ca

    Drug this home a month ago.

  19. Some pictures of an old rod I found on the auction sight a while back. Such sad shape and at one time it had all the good stuff, '29 roadster body, deuce frame and grille, auburn dash, '40 wheel, "A" headlight bar converted to stands , and probably a OHV V-8 from the looks of the radiator outlets.

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  20. olskool34
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    Wow, now that is just depressing. Wonder what it looked like in it's glory days.
  21. 4406
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    from Oklahoma

    This is cool but depressing
  22. 30FordNerd
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    more sad ones.

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  23. [​IMG]

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  24. ESGEE
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    from Sweden

    Cool thread and sad at the same time. I know some that i tryed to buy that just sits and rots, and when someone deside to sell its ridicules prices....
  25. attitudor
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    from Finland

  26. poboyross
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    Yeah, occasionally you hear about the guys getting a great deal, or usually at least a fair deal...HOWEVER, most of the one's I've come across you can't pry it from their hands. In business dealings of this sort, I try to be fair, and fair is going a percentage above what I've researched. Problem is, most of them want "ludicrous" if a diamond in the rough is going for Star of India prices.
  27. Skirv
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  28. Blades
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    from Chicago

  29. Yeah, That's the Berrywagon. It was together at the 2008 Autorama. Scary Larry here owned it at the time . not sure if he still does. It was cool to see the original "Roth" lettering on it . By studying the brush strokes you could tell he was an amazingly fast letterer.

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  30. 30FordNerd
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    Found some more from the internet.

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