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Customs Ole ladys Model A build

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by no6, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Thought maybe you all would like to see the A I'm building for the missus. It will run a 51 merc, T5 tranny, banjo rear. Chopped 5" setting 1" over the 32 rails. cut down 37 ford truck grille. Trunk reskined with ribs and a 38 ford dash. It will have a 4" dropped axle and I think at this point cowl steering. Probably chrome reverse with wide whites and cheeter slicks out back.

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  2. ironandsteele
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  3. AnimalAin
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    Neat hot rod. Please keep us advised as it goes together.

  4. 32SEDAN
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    I need to convince my wife that she needs a hot rod too! That way I can spend more time in the garage! I like the deck lid and proportional chop. Nice work man.
  5. If she thinks it's for her you can spend all the time in the garage you want and spend all the money you want. Keep the title in your name though, win, win.
  6. scrap metal 48
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    scrap metal 48

    Sounds like a good plan and looks like a good start.......
  7. I like the dash!!
  8. Antny
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    from Noo Yawk

    Want to adopt a son? I promise to take out the trash, walk the dog, refill your argon bottles......:D
  9. I ran outta argon tonite.
  10. Dat Dirty Rat
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    Dat Dirty Rat

    Nice...very nice..
  11. WhiteDevil
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    from Wichita KS

    looks good...keep us updated!
  12. I have finally got a chance to work on the A and have a few pics to show some small progress. I had to redo the steering box since I got the steering wheel and mocked everything up. The wife is only 5'2" and that really changes the steering and seat height and may make it difficult for me to drive. Anyway I relocated the box up higher and cut up into the dash to get a better angle. Dealing with side steer I want everything to be right and that means lineing up the heim on the radius rod and the pitman arm, that limits me somewhat with steering. I shortend the 37 Ford grill 4" and narrowed it 1 1/2", and have the radiator mocked up. Tomorrow I will work on the floors and finish roughing in the rest of the sheet metal. Next will be making the rear radius rods and mounting the rear.

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  13. Kirk Hanning
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    Kirk Hanning

    I'm really curious as how the 37' truck grill shell is going to flow with the rest of the body when finished (I mean that in a good way). I've always been partial to them and have yet to see one incorporated into a build.
  14. Big Tony
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    Big Tony

    I like so far.... ol lady is lucky
  15. BEAR
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    that is a lucky lady....
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    man i love this car!!! that grille rocks!! lots of nice work here!!!
  17. HotRod33
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    Looks good.... has she came out there to help yet...?
  18. hvychvy
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    Lookin great,she must be totally stoaked!!
  19. Quirky, in a good way. Very impressive so far. Question, the sharpie shapes on the front frame rails, are you going to inset those or????
  20. The yellow '34? from Pete & Jake's shop, back in the '70's, had a '37 grille. Kinda had to grow on you, but eventually it did!

    Nice work on cutting yours down to size. Going fender-less?
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  21. I don't know yet, finding time now is difficult to work on it.
  22. No fenders or hood, leaning toward chrome reverse with cheater slicks and wide whites. All my other cars were black and I keep coming back to black with a white insert on the top and a white or white and black interior.
  23. It has been awhile since I posted any progress on my wifes coupe, I have been real busy but I have had a chance to get some more work done so I will give you all an update. I did post the installation of a cowl vent that I installed and since then I have been trying to get all the metal work on the body done so I can take it off and finish the frame and paint it. I shortened a 49 Chevy license plate light and installed it along with making a gas pedal and installing the heater. The windshield area needed alot of work to get the frame fitting good and to make it open and seal properly. The floor boards are done except for rolling the body over and welding underneath. The ladder bars are made and the trunk driprail area needed extensive work, this was a rumble seat car but I made it into a trunk. I have to finish mounting the rear and ladder bars, finish welding some areas and blast and paint the frame, a couple days work if I could keep at it. I picked up a tall Weiand and a nice set of Evan heads now I need to get the motor done. I would like to put in a quick change but can't afford it now. I want good brakes for the missus so opted for a 9". I am trying to keep it around the late 50's time period so the rear won't be too bad. I would really like to run chrome reverse and wide whitewalls but I am not sure the flathead would fit in the time period, any comments on this would be appreciated.

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    Joined: Mar 6, 2008
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    i absolutely love it!!!!!
  25. It's been a while since I posted anything or even really worked on the car, too busy. The last week or so I have been really working on the car, it's been relaxing and fun, I miss working in the garage. Anyway I have changed some things, I cut the floor out and started over, I did not need the tunnel and did not like the job so I did a new floor, made the mounts to put in the gas tank and took a Plymouth Voyager seat and narrowed the front to fit and welded a blazer seat adjuster on because my wife is short and I am taller. I scrapped the ribbed trunk for a flat trunk and if anyone is interested in it you can have it for $200 plus shipping. I frenched in the license plate, bolting the plate to the back bothered me. Hopefully tonight I will paint the bottom and start the body work soon. The frame needs finished welding up and mounting the clutch rod assy and it can be painted. Paint is an inspiration and will keep me moving, I want to have it ready for Latimor Valley in the spring, thats my goal anyhow. Anyway, I hope this inspires some of you.

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  26. One other thing, anyone have to cut a 32 frame on top to make the fenton style headers fit on the pass side, mine is really close.
  27. T&A Flathead
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    T&A Flathead

    What kind of steering box is that?
  28. brady1929
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  29. looks like a mopar unit from the first glance on the box??

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