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Event Coverage Not all car guys are cool

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Langan, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. .......................................I agree, Danny. I have to believe that there are tiny little corners in Hell reserved for thieves or at least I hope so.
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  2. Heck the other day I found a credit/bank card on the ground outside of the grocery store. I gave it to one of the kids that brings in the carts and he headed toward the service desk with it. I could just see someone going to the gas station and filling up with it, or any of a bunch of other things you can do with one where you don't need to sign anything or put in a code.
  3. I almost never carry a wallet when I'm out and about. I'll carry my license and 1 bank card, that's all I really ever need. Cash goes in my front pants pocket and is in order and all bills face the same way, so there's never any fumbling when I pay for something. The fumbling thing is where people lose their money.
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    I haven't carried a wallet since the early 80s. All of it in my front pocket. Cash folded over my cards, only 3 cards total including my license. Mine used to ride up outta the back pocket for no reason so I decided, "fuck it". May be too late for advice but it's worked for decades. As far as karma, what goes around, etc, fuck that too. You're now stronger and wiser but it was costly. Will they get theirs? In my experience they never do, they're just fly laden dog shit in the form of humans. I hope the recovery is swift for ya.
  5. 48FordFanatic
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    from Maine

    Never carry a full wallet to any event.....just an ID. If you carry cash divide it up and carry some in each pocket. When I was in the Army traveling in other countries I always put some cash in each shoe.
  6. One day I went to wally world and like usual I picked up a stray shopping cart out in the parking lot. and their was a womans pocket book laying in it. My wife suggested turning it in at the service desk. However I simply opened it up and looked inside. there was money and credit cards ect. I found ID so I went to the service desk and borrowed the phone book. started calling everyone with the same last name. Eventually called someone who gave me the persons cell phone number. I called her and waited on the dead pecker bench while the wife shopped. the lady was relieved to have her property back. she offered a reward which I declined. The thought of keeping her money never crossed my mind. I know KARMA will make certain that eventually everyone gets what they deserve and deserves what they get.
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  7. xpletiv
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    from chiburbs

    Someone had 8Gs in their purse and forgot it?!?!
  8. Same here... I think people take on that "sheeple" mentality and figure that they HAVE to waltz around with a wallet on them at all times. I have a little mini-wallet that fits in my front pocket, but will only use that when I fly somewhere.
  9. A lot of us graybeards grew up emulating our fathers,dad carried a wallet and so did we,I still do but I keep my cash in my front pocket with a money clip. HRP
  10. TagMan
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  11. unkledaddy
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    The vendors are opportunists.

    Honestly though...................I'd be embarassed to post on a public forum that I lost 3 grand.
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  12. Dishonesty comes in all shapes and forms. The guys may have not even been car guys. A little thought about fact thieves target things like swap meets, flea markets, conventions, truck stops, and etc. anyplace that people may be carrying cash.

    Sorry you lost your cash, but its just money there will always be more.
  13. Mike51Merc
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    There's a lot of Mr. Potters around. Don't be Uncle Billy.
  14. Saxon
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    from MN

    Well that sucks. Chain wallet or cash in the front pocket next time.

    Found a wallet under a bush, while walking the dog. Picked it up and looked through it for info to locate the owner. On back of his bank card he had written, last 4 of SS. His Social Security card was in the wallet too! Found his info and contacted him to come get his wallet. Turns out he got drunk at a bar and got a ride home. Someone busted his window on his car and stole his wallet. He was glad to get his wallet back and even offered/insisted giving me twenty dollars for finding it. I told him he could give it to my old girlfriends kid who was with us when walking the dog. Figure that might help the kid understand that doing the right thing can lead to reward also.
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  15. OzyRodder
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    There was plenty of REAL cops there and "Event Security" in black Tshirts roaming around. I personally think the vendor took your shit. I found a set of car keys on a table and waited for the guy to return which he did. "Event Security" guys looked a little dodgy to me while I was there too. Did the OP speak with the REAL cops?

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  16. Saxon
    You done good.

    While there are a lot of dishonest people out there, there are good folks as well. People like you.

    I lost a wallet while fishing on the Gasconade in '72. When I was a boot in '73 my DI woke me up @ 3:00 AM and handed it to me. he said, " Someone left this at the gate for ya yesterday." It is beyond me how it made it from the Richland, MO area to Parris Island, South Carolina or why it was important that it was delivered to me @ 3:00 AM but it did. He said to check if everything was in it. Everything was there all the way down to my lucky 2 dollar bill. Then he said, "Get to sleep, I'll keep this for ya."

    There are a lot of good people out there. We usually tell about or remember the bad ones but there are a lot of good people out there.
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  17. models916
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  18. Reading a lot of these responses makes me think its sad that a lot of you did not grow up in a small town. I never had to worry much about thieves where I grew up. Everyone knew everyone else and most were related. We were one of those families who didn't even have a key to lock our doors when we went on vacation. The neighbors watched out for us.
    Sad society we have become. Can't do that much of anywhere anymore.
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  19. pitman
    Joined: May 14, 2006
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    Dan tells a fine story of our world. Your loss will return, not always or exactly as, but it does find a way around...Thanks HRP!
    And to our OP, I think you may be surprised, my own hopes; that you are on a path receiving. Gaps can feel huge, we are thinkin' of ya!
  20. luckystiff
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    i guess money comes easier for some folks that they aren't "on alert" at all times when carrying. i heard the coddington 40k story was made up bullshit to get attention something he was good at anyhow. but even if it is true in my opinon if he was dumb enough to sit a "satchel" with 40k in it down to take a piss he's dumb enough to loose 40k.. i'm sure he wasn't there alone so get whatever croonie he was paying to be with him to hold his "satchel". while he pissed. i wouldn't keep $400 in something i could sit down and leave behind, or have lifted from my person, much less $40000. or $8000. or $3000.

    and yes there are people there at pretty much all swap meets, flea markets, car shows, carnivals, malls, bars,etc looking for opportunity. either to pick up on your mistake or just to take from you period. it's one ofhe reasons i stopped setting up at swaps or if i do i share with somebody and only take small amounts of stuff and try to keep 2 sets of eyes on the spot as much as possible. i'd say i probably lost $1 for every $10 i sold due to theft at the swaps. even made locked cases for expensive smalls at one point.

    i also worked retail management for many years and you'd be surprised how bold some theives actually are. and at who some of those theives are. i worked for dollar general for a while and the most stolen item there was.......... Fixodent !!! thats right denture creme. i see why a tube the size of you pinky is like $7. easy steal and expensive. i hardly ever had any in store my store alone had nearly $1000 worth stolen and stills refused to let me put it behind the counter. we also had teams of theives. they only hit me once but when i went and watched the camera footage i was shocked. women with LARGE purses scooping full shelves of product in and walking out. the one time they hit me the were in and out within 60 seconds gone from property site in another 30. and they got a little over $2k in product....ken....
  21. You calling me a liar?

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  22. rustang
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    +1.... yup, douche vendor is spending it, sorry to say....
  23. ChefMike
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    I hope that you get your wallet and money back, I lost my wallet at a swap meet not that much cash in it around 500 and was lucky to get it back a few days later in the mail with all the money. I hope the same happens for you!
  24. gatz
    Joined: Jun 2, 2011
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    Had taken a taxi back to a hotel on The Strip in Vega$ a coupla years ago. Got out of the car and just after entering the casino, realized that my wallet wasn't in my pocket. Oh shit. Had about $500 cash and cards, of course. Wife immediately called MC and cancelled card. Went outside and talked to the valet. He asked about the taxi and I couldn't remember anything about company name, no license, etc....hell, I couldn't remember the color of the car. Valet calls "upstairs" and they re-viewed the security camera videos. This was all within minutes, but seemed like hours. They recognized me and wife getting out of the taxi. From that, they got the taxi # and company. They called the company and located the driver. They said he'd be back at that casino within a coupla hours as it was not a regular stop for them.
    Waited and waited. Thought for sure my a$$ was cooked. (BTW, it was hot out that day...)

    Finally the driver shows up and hands me the wallet. Said "yeah, that's mine!" Looked inside and everything was there. Could hardly believe it. Lots of scenarios came to mind about the whole episode while I was waiting and how it could've taken a very nasty turn. So, I gave him $100 for being such an honest person and making an unscheduled stop. And tipped the valet $20. I don't know if either was the "norm" for such things, but I sure was glad to get everything back intact.
  25. toml24
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    Years ago at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. I was walking among the large fast rides when suddenly a article of clothing was flung from a ride and landed a few feet from me. I picked it up and waited several minutes for the ride to stop. I couldn't tell who lost it so I just waited by the fence at the edge of the ride, hold the clothing so the riders could see it as they got off the ride. A woman was very happy to get her sweater back when she saw it.
  26. Hey man, sorry to hear. Hope you, at least, get your ID back.
  27. lordairgtar
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    Man, with all these lost wallets flying around, we should be arse deep in Moroccan Cow Hide.
  28. Finnrodder
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    from Finland

    Losing your wallet really sucks.Thats why i bought a biker wallet with a chain when i was 15.
    22 yrs later i have that same wallet and i carry it daily.
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  29. Yea, chocked on 8K in a purse but swallowed the 40k in a satchel hook line and sinker. Guess the lady that you knew just wasn't famous enough to have that much money. :rolleyes:
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  30. Paul
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    Cops are probably throwing a coffee and donut party that will last for two weeks.

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