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Nice weekend to chop a 34 5 window coupe.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Kiwi Kev, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Stovebolt
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    Just wondering - what's happened over the last 3 years??? :)
  2. Cyclone Kevin
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    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    That is the best (A Pillar) post position that I have ever seen on any chop. And heaven knows how much I dig Model 40's. Most Excellent Job Well Done!!!!!!!!
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  3. Any updates on this car?
  4. hopped up
    Joined: Oct 5, 2009
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    hopped up
    from So Cal

    Way to go kev! Thank you for sharing...
  5. onekoolkat1950
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  6. I talked to Greg a few weeks ago and he told me the coupe is on hold while he does a car for his dad (57 Ranchero?). He is a busy guy, he has also built a nice home shop since the chop.
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  7. onekoolkat1950
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    Kev, did you ever do a thread on the other 5 window with the short doors? Was it ever finished?
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  8. I just had to reread this thread for the umpteenth time, haha! Such an inspiring tech article! Way to go guys!
    Any progress on the coupe yet! Such a reet car!

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  9. I doubt we will see anything Shiny. I did use a lot of pointers when my buddy and I chopped mine if it will make you feel any better. IMG_1903.JPG IMG_1906.JPG IMG_1907.JPG
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  10. ... just wanted to thank the vengeful gods of the HAMB ... for allowing the followers to witness, the beauty of the creators' original photos within this ancient & hot rod HAMB holy thread.

  11. 2345.coupe
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    P1040330.JPG P1040329.JPG P1040327.JPG P1040334.JPG thanks to this Kiwi Kev posting this thread , I created this, My 33.....
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  12. resisting to chop the top on my 36 3w ( lol my local shop wants to do it ) ... wonder how bad that exhaust drones on the red and white heap above ? LOL... picture credited to Paul ( mod here) taken at Goodguys Puyallup this last summer... neat car , wicked chop.. didn't get a pic of my own.. but I liked it a lot. chop top.jpg
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  13. So Cal Greg
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    So Cal Greg

    IMG_3899.JPG Some folks have asked for an update on the 34. It has been very slow going as I have completed a few other cars and added three kids to the family. On the 34 I made the door gaps perfect by adding or deleting metal. I built frames for the front and rear firewall and hung pedals. I collected a bunch of missing parts including a mint grille and original halibrand four-window mags for the rear. .
    I recently put the motor in and fired it up. Its a SBC with a Mooneyham 6-71 on an old Cragar manifold and Camel-back heads. The car will still have the T-56 6 speed gearbox and a 9inch rear. I had plans to build this to run at El Mirage but believe I will just build a street car out of it and drag race some of the local nostalgia events. The tech requirements for SCTA would add a couple years to the build at my pace, and I'm not sure the delay would be worth the pay-off for me.

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  14. Car looks amazing, Greg. I followed that whole chop when Kev was doing it. Always dreamed of owning a 33-34. Looks like it's finally gonna happen next week.
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  15. flamedabone
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    That little car is bitchn'. Keep it up.

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