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Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Molinellihornet, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Alright another Hudson! Welcome to the HAMB and the Hudson world. I love the green. That was the original color of my current '51 Super 6. My first Hudson, a '51 Pacemaker, had set for 30+ years. I soaked it in mystery oil, cleaned carb, replaced ignition parts and it fired and ran great for 10 years and is still running great for the guy I sold it to.

    Your waterpump is toast, it will leak guaranteed. Rebuilt ones are about $100(exchange) through Dale Cooper. Make sure you repair any frame rot. These are uni-body(Hudson calls it mono-built) cars so it is imperative that the frame stubs at each end be in good shape.

    Here's some info that I think will be useful to you:
    • Dale Cooper @ for many parts you will need
    • Optima makes a great 6V battery with 1000 cranking amps, you can use a 6V tractor battery from any farm and fleet store also.
    • NAPA carries all your brake parts
    • 21st Century Hudson is a good parts source
    • Ken Cates Hudson restoration website is a very valuable resource for parts interchange info
    • Rock Auto parts carries some parts also but not alot
    Feel free to pm me if you have questions. You will love this car!
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  2. OK update on my hornet ....after taking me head off I found it was slightly warped .....and having 2 young daughters under 5 and being almost broke ...and not wanting anyone else to do work on my car but me .....I decided to shave the head myself .....I researched lots of diy ways and determined that using a vet flat piece of marble and some coarse sandpaper and a lot of time and elbow grease that I could make it flat again .....and up my compression a little in the process .....I measured the thickness of my head before hand and determined it had never been re surfaced before so I was good to are some pics of the process ...mind you I'm not done but when I started I could slip a .008 Gauge thru some spots and now I have it down to .004 I'm slowly getting there

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  3. scotts52
    Joined: Apr 7, 2008
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    Nice! That's pretty awesome that you're doing this by hand. Looking good.
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  4. wheeldog57
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    Good shoulder workout! In a few weeks you can do straight eight heads! Kidding aside, the backyard, use what you have builds are the best
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  5. This is what traditional is really about!
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  6. 'Mo
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    Yay! Just .056" to go! Gonna deck the block, too? :D
    Kidding aside, good on ya. Time well spent!
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  7. Too bad you don't have an aluminum head,
    it would have been a little easier!
  8. Totally eh ??? Lol

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  9. Once I put a straight edge on the block I'll see if I have too but my arms are hoping I don't lol

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  10. Being 32 I didn't have any knowledge on old cars ...especially flatheads skills were working on my foxbody mustang in high school.....soo I want to try all the old school ways of hopping her up !!!

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  11. Deuced Up!
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    Deuced Up!
    ALLIANCE MEMBER off to a good start on that endeavor. Nice job and welcome to the HAMB.
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  13. TurboRider
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  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] ok got my old master cylinder off and managed to snap the brake switch off the banjo bolt lol but was able to get it out ...cleaned the banjo bolt and brass y fitting and main shaft and as soon as i get a newswitch they will be ready to put on my new master cylinder and start bending some new lines ...stay tuned

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  15. Be extremely careful to not get the fittings on the lines cross threaded with that y fitting. They are hard to find if you damage it. Ask me how I know. I do know if more parts sources now than I did then though. I found plenty of the y fittings but they were all bigger than what my Hudson has.

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  16. There's a Facebook hudson page now and there's oneach guy that sell the y fitting and banjo bolt . But I enjoy cleaning and rejuvenating lol and yes I will be very careful . Thanks for the heads up . I also but a new master cylinder for over 200 cdn but now that I cleaning mine up I'm thinking of trying to get it to work again and saving my money for sonthing else

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  17. Just found this thread. Wow, nice job. I love those Hudsons.
  18. Yes I damaged the threads on mine and never found a replacement. Then an old timer taught me a trick on how to use a flare nut from same size brake line and make your own thread chaser to repair them and it worked great.

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  19. BrandonB
    Joined: Feb 24, 2006
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    from nor cal

    I'm pretty sure that the master cylinder will interchange with an early 50's Ford pickup, as well as the brake cylinders. Bought a pair of rears for the 53 I had and they were only like $8-12 apiece.
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  20. '52F3Nut
    Joined: Feb 12, 2017
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    I love the Hudson project, A while back I almost bought a Hudson Commodore near Camrose but didn't have $1750 that he wanted and the guy wouldn't budge or hold onto it for a week for me. I had $1550 right in my hands.
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  22. Took a stab today making my own battery cables . Working 9 to 5 in a rigging shop has its plus side . Especially a hand swagger. There not perfect but way better then the originals and was a blast to make for less then 20 bucks

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  23. oneratfink57
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    from Wisco

    You've peaked my interest, and I am now a curious onlooker. Subscribed

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  24. dirty old man
    Joined: Feb 2, 2008
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    dirty old man

    Soft spot in my heart for Hudsons, as I had a '53 Super Wasp back about '63/64, and always loved it, just needed more work than it was worth in those days, now I wish I still had it.
    Please, keep up your good work on the old gal and PLEASE, continue on with your reports.
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  25. He head is painted and ready to bolt on. Hudson guys will be pissed that it's not gold ...but hell it's not a twin h car and the heat paint was 4 bux on sale. And this daddy's on a budget hahahah

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  26. I originally was suppose to buy my car for 2 grand in Beaumont but I asked a week to get everything all sorted . Owner told me some guy was going to buy it next day so I drove at 4am 3 Hours from calgary with 2250.00 in hand lol

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