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Hot Rods Need help and suggestions 36 coupe rear end install.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by flatheadfever, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. I'm slowly gathering parts for my 36 ford 5 window build.
    I'm looking for help on what to use to build the rear suspension from scratch.
    The car will have a 283 and probably chassis engineering complete front axle with 5-1/2" new drum brakes.
    For the rear I want to have a transverse rear spring.
    I have a 70 bronco small bearing rear axle, 58" drum to drum, same width as stock. I have 4-1/2" x 16 late 40s stock rims.
    I have no idea the best spring to use( plan to buy new as used parts are too rusty around here)
    All I have is 39 radius rods so I planned to build a set radius rods/ ladder bars( not sure of the right term)
    I would like to get it right first time and not learn by trial and error (my usual method of operation).
    1: best size spring length and width, number of leafs?
    2: where to purchase spring perches and where to weld them width wise on axle?
    3: I was looking at speedway precut mounting brackets for the radius rod/ ladder bar. Any suggestions on where to buy the brackets?
    4: last question. I see that companies like So-cal sell 9" housings already welded up with perches and brackets on the bare housings. Can I weld up everything on my bench with out field fitting in the chassis? Does somebody has the specs where to weld everything.

    There are only 2 things that I actual know, one is that I'm going to use the 9" rear and want to have a transverse/buddy spring to match the front suspension.
  2. I used a Maverick 8" rear, '40 rear spring and Speedway mounting hardware. It was simple, clean and fast. You may need to assemble the spring/shackles/perch kit in order to get a measurement as to where on the housing to weld the perch plates/kit. I don't actually recall how I did it on my car but this is where I would start If I was doing it today. Hopefully you'll have a "real" chassis builder give you some wisdom for this part of the build. Tim
  3. I believe the early Bronco 9" has an offset pinion, which may create floorpan interference issues with the driveshaft on lowered cars. Take a look. Maverick or Granada 8" is a centered pinion, works better.

  4. I'm going with the bronco for the 5-1/2" bolt pattern.
    I think there is only 2" difference in the axle lengths.
    I hoping it will work.
    I sure someone that has tried it will tell me.

    I want the car low but I'm not planning on notches or bags or anything like that.
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  5. I used wheel adapters on mine so I could use some old steelies and I needed to get the wheels a little further from the body...worked out OK. cab dash 004.JPG
  6. What type of Adaptors?
  7. mrquickwhip
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    I'm using ford cortina which is four stud and I'm using adapters/spacers which will take the overall width to 60in and five stud ford but im in uk
  8. Will the bronco pinion offset cause interference problems with the tunnel?
    What width spring are the speedway brackets made for?
    So-cal has nice spring hangers, what width spring are they for?
  9. I used EZaccesories. You can find them online but I think someone on here told me about them. Just scroll through until you find the ones you need. They have a lot of them to choose from.

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