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Folks Of Interest My Uncle's stuff

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by stillrunners, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Well finally settling my uncle's estate in California. There will be more posts to come of just his stuff with pics and maybe a little to hold out thingie's.

    I didn't go in his garage that much over the years - kinda hardly - when he went in to get something - he knew where he was going and I just stood in respect a few feet in.

    Once...I made a few steps towards the back wall - as I could see some pictures - most of them of the 195AH fuel roadster they ran.....but over to the the far corner was a plaque.....

    It held the plates - the first run in 1950 - then came Korea - then the runs in 1954 - 1955 - 1956....shits I said to myself - but I said to him - so you ran Bonneville ?

    Think that's when he knew me.....

    will make better pics of the tags later IMG_20170907_191018 (1).jpg ....
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  2. big duece
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    big duece
    from kansas

    That's some cool stuff, bet there's a photo album around too...
  3. Don't let those get away from you.
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  4. Really looking forward to the rest of this story. Please keep us posted

  5. catdad49
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    Wow, keep digging (respectfully) and please share the other treasures you find!
  6. Hendee
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    Waiting with minimal patience to see more of what I'm sure must be there. Real treasures you have.

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  7. COOL stuff!Bruce.
  8. Actually got to look at the scarp book once - it was in the basement with some other stuff. But - you know what old guys say - nobody cares about this shit - it's what he said. I should have grabbed it - but respect was would come to me in time.
    Sadly he was cleaning out after my Aunt Betty's death....he regretted it being tossed out - much like her passing before him.

    Here's an early picture of the 195AH with my uncle that would eventually be a terror on the North Cali tracks - holding the MPH/time for 1962-63 and I have to find the Drag News Jan/Feb 1964 because the record fell then.

    Here running the early injectors.... 195AH injected.jpg
  9. Funny stuff in the tool boxes he left me....but really what you needed back in the day. He talked of some of the early manufactors as a causual friend.....there are some letters from Isky I was able to get.....enjoy...

    first up is a gear chart - from Isky.... Isky ratio guide.jpg
  10. On the flip side of the gear chart is Displacement guide....kinda neat.....
    There is a book he wrote in when he was thinking about building the first 331 Hemi....not sure it might be a was math and all.... Isky displacement guide.jpg
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  11. The Isky blower guide is pretty cool....shows the 3.71 - 4.71 and 6.71....darn well worth the money back then ! Isky blower 1.jpg Isky blower 2.jpg
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  12. Bugguts
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    Very cool stuff. I love stuff from old toolboxes! Always neat to see how it was done.
  13. Budget36
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  14. Stogy
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    Covet thy interesting stuff there @stillrunners...Thanks for sharing the story as well. Special times that will remain;)
  15. Chuck Craig
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    Chuck Craig
    from Ocala FL

    Thanks for sharing, it will also give you an appreciation for his generation.
  16. Here's some early stuff from the runs....the Cal-Nev Roadster Assoc. 49 cal nev dry lakes.jpg
  17. some info from the association.... cal nev 2.jpg
  18. These were the Sacramento Auto Club/Thunderbolts time's....from that meet cal nev tbolt times.jpg ..........
  19. s55mercury66
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    from SW Wyoming

    Really cool stuff, more please :)
  20. From my uncle's mouth - he said a bad word a time or two about an article that was written - hell - he said more that once - "Buck had the best roadster around" contrary to what's been written...
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  21. We lived by the Isky "Dream Wheel" in the 60's. Still have mine.
  22. nrgwizard
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    from Minn. uSA

    Thanks for posting the pics. Love this stuff.
  23. He waited on Barney to get his 3 pot manifold available and Al to get his new heads out that would increase some water he didn't make the 1949 BVille's the pit pass from 1950 and his times.....much discussed at the Saturday Thunderbolt breakfasts I attended....they were just funnin' him.............
    1950 Bville pit pass.jpg 1950 bville time slip.jpg
  24. Very historic signature on that time slip. Roy "Multy" Aldrich was a fixture in the SCTA for more than 40 years. When he and Vera got older, he got SCTA to purchase the souvineer trailer, and he and Vera operated it, and were head of hospitality until Vera's passing.

  25. graveyardsledder
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    Very Cool! I love stuff like this!

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  26. 18n57
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  27. elgringo71
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  28. Thanks Dean for adding the history....kinda thought there was a Mutly? on here....? I'm glad he did save it and put my name on it to pass on to. Here's another - Rod Dust program....this was the issue that mentions the first Sacramento car show in 1950 ....y'all be there......wish the back page would come out better - even the original print is kinda hard to see.....enjoy rod dust 1.jpg rod dust sac 1st show.jpg rod dust 3 times.jpg rod dust back cover.jpg

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